Disappearing For Awhile

Sometimes life needs a little tango with reality, and a temporary breakup from technology.   Hey gents! Sorry for pulling a Serena van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl reference, lol). Wasn’t expecting to flee spontaneously. BUT…

How to make friends in the city

The truth is, we all want to magically garner people into our lives in a matter of snaps. HOWEVER, the universe likes to play the hardship game in the friendship department -especially for inner-city dwellers. …

These Ethical👖Will Make You Look 💯

Ethically sourced. Ethically made. Something good happens when I wear this pretty pair from Everlane. For one, i’m socially and environmentally aware. Talk about feel-good vibes! Abra-ca-denim.   Hey gents! Who doesn’t love a good denim?…

7 Easy-Going Outfit Ideas

Is your closet eating you alive? Always vomiting beyond the racks and bins where they (should) belong? Moreover, stealing your morning glory? I detest those dawdling moments when fickle tendencies rule the dawn…specifically when picking out…

Rolling A New Reel

Some years swallow up, but some shape individuals -like you and me- into soaring seagulls (of all animals, lol). Thankfully, this year has been a mix of both. Reflecting this year’s highlights while turning a…

Newbie Baker

If there is a skill I never thought my hands were made for, it’s baking.   This brand-new hobby is seriously life-changing. I bake anything from cookies to  pizzas to pies. I’ll even bake my…

A Simple Christmas

Christmas 2018, interestingly enough, was one for the books. Less “cheery,” but honestly an eye-opening bag filled with simplicity and pure, sensible praise.   Hey Gents, Merry Christmas! I know, I know. You’re probably wondering…

The Power of Digital Detox

A little unplugging goes a long way… fully-charged in the most gratifying way. Hey Gents! How’s your week going? Anyone else ready for winter’s revenge? or just me? (Okay, okay, call me a freak. 🙄)…

Going Forward

Sadly, we all go through this mess. Regret: the annoying, innate feeling that hinders people from living and dreaming. “I shouldn’t have said that,” “Why did I quit my job?” and the list goes on……

9 Questions With Sam H.

A New York Minute Post. Gotta love new friends in the city!     Hey Dapper friends! ICYMI, I took some time early August to recollect my courage, and finally scooped a round-trip ticket (not cool…


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