Weekly Roundups


Ian’s Interest No. 13

Folks, it’s been too long! The links are back! Today’s post kicks-off autumn with sweater sales and many more festive finds.        Hey gents! We’re back to regular programming! I haven’t been scouting…

Ian’s Interest No. 12

Lots of inspirational and shoe-related links in today’s roundup. Let’s dive! Hey Dappers,  I’m *extremely* excited that the heavy coats are locked inside my parent’s storage closet in the basement, secluded for maximum liberation away…

Ian’s Interest No. 11

Another week, another set of links! Tons of new arrivals worth considering.  Hey Dappers,  A slow and steady week over here at CharlesTucket. Nothing much transpired, except for, well, it snowed here in Virginia. I…

Ian’s Interest No. 10

Lesser links this time around, but the shoes i’m about to share are legit FIRE. Cheers to this week’s (short) links! Heyyyyy guyyyys,  I’ve been posting regularly here, so that’s a plus.  Nothing much transpired…

Ian’s Interest No. 9

Found a new favorite song, plus a few videos to get the high spirits rolling! Here’s to this week’s links. Cheers! Heyyyyy Dappers! So it’s currently 71 degrees and mildly sunny here in Virginia. Perhaps…

Ian’s Interest No. 8

This week’s links! Without further adieu, let’s dig in.  I know, I know. 2018 is off to a great start, but man, can spring come quickly?  My body can’t take anymore of this layering lunacy…

Ian’s Interest No. 7

Hey Dappers! How’s it goin’? Over here panicking like an absolute freak, wondering why I haven’t ordered my college textbooks? School starts in a few days. SUPER.  I’m finally getting back in the swing of…

Ian’s Interest No. 6

Let’s get to linkin’, folks! Lots of inspirational articles for this week’s roundup.  Hey Dappers! It’s my last week of Winter Break (last “break” as a college kid, eeep!), and you bet i’m soaking all…

Ian’s Interest No. 5

2nd week and still going strong. Let the linkings begin! Heyyyyyyyyy Dappers,  Hope your week was slightly better than the weird weather we’re facing (at least here in Virginia, lol). After the unexpected snowstorm here…


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