Going Bonkers For Bonobos

Hey Dappers,

I’d like to think there’s hope for guys (like me) who acquire a bulkier build in the leg department… Dreaming one day that a brand will make straight fit chinos -with a generous diameter. Something that won’t make my legs look like saggy bacon, or stuffed sausage lol.

Well folks…I found THE ONE…after 23 years of existence.

They’re from Bonobos. My chino game has officially raised a bar, and a reeeealllly high one for that matter. #shooketh

For the longest time I settled for generic, run-of-the-mill (literally speaking) chinos from the likes of Old Navy (guilty) and Target (super guilty). Mainly because I couldn’t find a great brand worth investing in. Until now.

And by no means am I bashing lower tier companies and their chinos, I just find their fits quite lacking for bigger lads who want a tailored fit.
Some guys (and gals) just aren’t gifted with standard features. You know, the ones who can swimmingly buy the exact thing in-store without needing alteration. Like they were made for the product being delivered. Catch my drift?

In regards to mid/higher tier companies, I’ve scoured the racks of Nordstrom, Rag & Bone, and Todd Snyder only to be rejected. Most fits were slim or skinny. Occasionally I spot a few straight fits, but in reality they fit more like a slim.

So basically both spectrums can’t seem to get the fit right.

Can anyone relate?

Anyways, my search is finally done.

A few months ago I stumbled upon the Bonobos website after seeing a social media post from my IG explore page. On a whim, I checked out the online store with a 29×30 pair of khaki washed chinos.

I’ve stopped by one of their stores in Manhattan and found their products quite impressive (especially the t-shirts). However, my inner skepticism ruled that day given the previous 20 stores I visited in search of the perfect chino.

When I got the package, I immediately tried the pants and four things stood out:

1. Cool Clasps || Unlike other chinos, these guys have a durable slide snap. I always struggled with buttons since most of them end up dangling by a thread (literally speaking) after several wears. These clasps are easy to undo (perfect for bathroom breaks) and will last for a while!

2. Lovely Lining || One of the cool things about Bonobos has to be their attention to detail. Upon adding the product to cart, the site gives you two options for the pocket liner. Most men probably don’t care about this feature, but as I always tell my friends and readers…life’s better in detail. It’s visually pleasing whenever I pull these beauties out of the washer. 

3. Diameter On Point || They weren’t joking when they said “straight fit.” I  appreciate their traditional take on the long beloved style of chino from decades past… way before skinny and slim hoarded the retail industry (oy). It feels like most companies try and make their straight fits a little too “tailored” or “tapered.” Even the newly popular athletic fit that’s current’y on every brick and mortar shelf barely fit my calves. The Bonobos straight fit chinos are straight through and through, without compromising modernity. It still has a contemporary cool trim to it.  I think that’s the key. Straight fit doesn’t necessarily scream “tacky” and “baggy.”

all the brotherly love, 


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