Mid-Winter’s Plaid

Planning (or should I say “plaid-ing” 😉) spring’s speedy return. Lots of gingham to come, and airy pastel pieces like this lovely shirt i’m sporting today.


Hey gents,
My oh my…is it just me, or has winter been a grab bag this year?
Unpredictable in terms of temperature. One day it’s 75, and the next it’s 40. Oddly enough, I experienced more warmer nights for the entirety of January/February.

Winter where you at? 😂(sike, i’m ready for summer)
Charlotte, NC acquires a baffling hot/cold weather ratio. To the point of pairing puffer jackets and tech shorts together, topped with a God-only-knows-what type of shoe -depending on the day’s fickle forecast.
But ever since February flew by like a frigate bird, my focus shifted towards spring in such little notice. Couldn’t be bothered to sweat in layers for another month or so. Hence today’s outfit.
Spring strokes a personal fantasy, filled with  picnics, peonies, and pastels on end. When the warmer weather strikes, I naturally embrace my southern preppy roots (think Peter Millar).
There’s nothing quite like a subtle coastal wardrobe granting a sense of effortless aristocracy. 
However, today’s look takes a different dirt road from the usual golf-boy attire. I’ve been soaking a handful of inspiration from small southern towns. That cowboy/farmboy vibe.
You know, like @ChipperGaines. 😎
Obviously not too hill-billy overkill, just hints of barn-worthy pieces like the plaid shirt i’m sporting by Grayers (old, similar here). My love for Grayers has grown season after season, due to its chill, practical, rugged clothing selection.
I was excited to hear that Grayers sold their clothing at the SouthPark Belk location (upscale shopping mall in Charlotte). The brand’s aesthetic resonates with my current lifestyle as a 23-year-old fella with a knack for Hallmark-y sceneries and farmhouse feels. Haha.
Per usual, I neutralized the look by adding an athletic chino fit from J.Crew and my new staple suede sneakers from Vince. My basics will never fail me!
It’s about finding the right balance when injecting inspiration for the current wardrobe.
I feel like the shoe’s rough texture compliments that “hardworking” country  feel -if that makes any sense…lolling at myself. The true khaki shade from the chino keeps the look on the trad side.
Enough of my rant. Hope you enjoy the photos!

all the brotherly love,


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