Sunny and 70’s Spirit

I’m not one to tackle trends, but when fashion decides to resurrect the seventies, you can count me in. Get your groove on, as they say. 

Hey Dappers!
You’re probably LOL-ing so hard right now. 
What kind of an outfit is this? Is Ian losing his style card? 

Honestly, it came out of nowhere. Just having a bit of a ball here. After all, fashion is F-U-N!

(also, I looooooove throwing curve balls on the blog. It’s never fun when things are too predictable!)

With a bit of closet digging and clashing unexpected pairings, I created this out-of-the box outfit. Sometimes a bit of browsing turns into a fully-fledged Narnia moment (you know, when Lucy enters the “wardrobe”). 
But let’s backpedal a few hours prior to this epiphany…
It was the day of my photoshoot (Wednesday), early morning (9-ish), topped with a seventy-five degree weather (perfection). I decided to hit the web for a bit of inspo. I stumbled upon A.P.C’s site and gooooood golly my heart sank (in a good way).

Their latest collection gave the word “groovy” justice. The rusty colors and color-blocking had me wanting a similar aesthetic. Behold: I was inspired!

did I mention one of the models had a bob-cut, which gave me ultimate Spock vibes?!? (Star Trek reference in case you’re wondering) It was crazy and charming all in one!
I wasn’t too keen on the whole “nineties-multicolored-tracksuit-fannypack” trend. But the seventies retro gave me the feels. I’m totally sucked into the notion of rusty oranges and bowling shirts.

Anyways, I say it way too much, but never be afraid to try new things. If you like a certain trend, don’t feel the need to sacrifice your signature style in order to rock a temporary fashion vibe.

Feel free to rock an item or two, instead of a look. I could’ve gone for a pair of flaired pants, but clearly had no guts for it. That’s okay. It’s all about knowing what you like and dislike. Make it your own, and own it. 

Enough ranting, hope you enjoy the photos -and try a trend once in a while!

*Images by Tyler Phenes


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