Ian’s Interest No. 5

2nd week and still going strong. Let the linkings begin!

Heyyyyyyyyy Dappers, 
Hope your week was slightly better than the weird weather we’re facing (at least here in Virginia, lol). After the unexpected snowstorm here on the East Coast, the temperature has skyrocketed to *drum roll please* the 40’s. Yes the 40’s, and we consider that a heatwave around here. 
It was a nice surprise for sure! I took advantage of the better weather and wore my favorite chambray shirt (as seen on my insta stories!) and some rolled up chinos with a pair of Kombu green Vans from J. Crew. Alllll while sipping a nice cold brew for the win. 
Life-wise, it’s been a slow one for me. Still trying to cope with the resolutions changes I want to make happen and preaching the post I wrote earlier about easily tackling resolutions -to myself. 
Aside from the slower pace, i’m spending more time around quiet areas (aka my room) and reading a bunch of fiction novels. School doesn’t start for another two weeks and what better way to unwind?
Okay, now off to the links:)
1. Belstaff @ LFWM ’18 | You guys, i’m a Belstaff buff and this collection DID NOT disappoint! I didn’t get to go (wasn’t invited either lol), but I recently checked out the site for updates and the pictures gave me goosebumps. Loving the neutrals, hints of old-school, and pops of red!
2. Stylish Steel | If you’ve been a reader since day 1 (or year 1), then you know my obsession with steel (my snapchat stories had rants dedicated to it). From jewelry to home d├ęcor, there’s something about it that screams macho. Here are 5 attractive interior design inspirations incorporating steel. 
3. Clear Skin | Parker York Smith from the looksmith.com shares how to basically look flawless, gents. (more like clearing up acne and whatnot, but let’s digress)
4. Don’t Quit! | Now’s the perfect time for quitting…scratch that! This post talks about ways to stay motivated while experiencing a funk. You’ve got this!
5. Penny Loafer Alert | These bad boys from Cole Haan recently got marked down (we’re talking under $150) and i’m going bananas for it! Should I get it? lemme check the finances first. Ha!
6. MANGO Sale! | You heard that right. Mango currently has super great deals up to 70% off. I bought a pair of their “Bob Jeans” the other day for $25, y’all. Lots of items still carry all sizes, so you better get clickin’!
7. New Favorite Song | I started the TV series Nashville the other day and i’m hooked! The season 6 soundtrack came out I cannot stop playing “Anymore of This” on repeat. Such a good southern-vibe-y bop without being corny. Check it out!
More next week, friends! Also thanks for the constant reminder about the weekly updates. Eventually i’ll get used to it I promise. Until next #Friyay. 


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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