Floral + Suede

A fun, floral top for days when I fancy my inner frisky

Hey Dappers!
Fun fact: I bought this shirt many months ago in New York City. Took me this long to finally debut on the blog. Talk about #wow
Browsing the racks of Zara (5th Avenue location) after a nice salad from Sweet Green, my eyes coveted the shirt i’m sporting below. Keep in mind I literally just finished a 60-minute meditation class prior to the salad situation, so I was in high spirits and felt all sorts of positivity while shopping (AKA I justified my spending with little to no restriction). Yeah, call me crazy. I’m embarrassed to even tell you this story. 
It reminded me of Erdem’s signature prints, which is why I felt compelled to purchase the shirt. Moreover, the fit is effortlessly flattering. The fabric is thin and flowy, just the way I like it. If you plan to buy similar shirts from Zara, I suggest going down a size since they run pretty large IMO. 
Anyways, I wasn’t planning on buying anything that day, but eventually found myself in-front of the cash register asking 12020743 questions about the shirt’s versatility and other fashion innuendos I typically tackle when purchasing an “out there” piece. Anyone else like that?
I styled the shirt with a classic pair of Levi’s, tucked for a modern retro vibe. Ditching the belt brought more attention towards the floral print. It also held a consistent flow from top to bottom without a belt cutting. The shirt’s color palette bleeds well throughout the seasons, which I find surprisingly practical considering it’s a crazy piece. 
My favorite ankle boots FINALLY made its first appearance on the blog, too. It’s an old one from Johnston and Murphy. If you can’t tell, this pair has seen better days! I love how it gave the outfit a rugged touch of macho. 
Retro and rugged all in one outfit? J-A-C-K-P-O-T-!

*Images by Tyler Phenes



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