Retro Yello

Okay, so it’s finally Fall, but my summer-self seeks to linger a bit longer. Who’s with me? Blaming the wistful attitude on this bright bamboo-printed shirt.

Hey Dappers!
Don’t worry, friends, i’ve been stashing chunky sweaters and neutral layers behind-the-scenes. Fall content will come in perfect timing:)
In other news…
The steady hot heat weather in Virginia is too good to overlook, leading to a sheer neglect from the calendar as of late. In other words disregarding the “first day of Fall” situation, followed by the “no white after Labor Day” nonsense. #breakingtherules
When the rain is shy (for two weeks straight!) and the heat’s promising phenomenon is flowing full force, you’ve got to be mad crazy wearing a Bordeaux-shade sweater, cords, and chelsea boots. 
(A bit judge-y, i know.)

Understandably, RETRO has been a major fashion trend for several seasons now. My personal favorites? 60’s, 80’s, and a whole ‘lotta 90’s. Something nonsensically nostalgic about dirty sneaks and durable dungarees, no?
I’m totally digging the “diner” look, seasoned with a bit of Slater style (Saved By The Bell in case you’re wondering). Van Heusen’s casual shirts have that vibe, and naturally I bought one of the shirts from the Summer 2017 collection. 
The bamboo pattern was a pleasant surprise! It adds an oriental feel to the shirt, without deviating from the the focal aesthetic (think weekends on a hammock with lemonade at hand). 
The belt-less/tucked-in look is perfect for any guy wanting to spruce up the style department for free -like me. This will be a personal staple for many months to come!
Tying the whole thing together with a trusty pair of Chuck Taylors because #classicforlife. 
Brb, on my way to grab a cheeseburger in true California style (even though I live in Virginia). Ha!

Shop the look:
Shirt: Van Heusen (on sale!)
Pants: Old (similar here)
Shoes: Converse 


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