The Magic of Thrifting

Churning up the perfect recipe for a classic-meets-contemporary look.

Hey Gents,

October is approaching fast, but the weather continues to kick fall to the curb. Those summer golden hours linger on, and i’m certainly not complaining.

Standing still, outdoors, soaking every bit of sun-kissed breeze I can get.

Lately i’ve been scouring the closet and re-imagining my vibe for fall, without compromising the overarching aesthetic (which is classic romantic may I add). I’m a basic/essentials guy at heart, but I do love a good ethereal modern moment.

If that makes any sense, lol.

It was challenging, incorporating a dash of editorial spice to the usual uniform. But alas! I’m finally acing it. Exhibit A: today’s look. The color palette remains, sporting the signature blue & camel tones. I swapped the classic oxford for an oversized stripe shirt, with a dramatic seventies collar. Unfortunately, this one was thrifted awhile back.

And speaking of thrifting… there’s something oddly mystifying ( & satisfying) about it. Sure the store layout screams headache; however, it surely gets the mind tinkering.

In a nutshell, thrifting keeps me creative in a space SO depressing. Browsing the weathered racks, figuring out how to reinvent such an ill-fitting thing. You never know what you’ll find there.

Okay, back to the shirt.

The billowy silhouette gives the top an elevated look, which is exactly what i’m going for. Flamboyant without the “sore thumb effect.” (but if that’s your thing, you go bro!)

A half tuck was necessary, mainly because the shirt was incredibly long. The collar was aggressively pointy, making it that much more daring.

I paired it with my trusty-old chinos from Bonobos and leather sneakers from Frank & Oak.

Ideally, I’d pair my chinos with a regular-fit oxford shirt and my old Tretorns, but I absolutely love how an everyday “casual Joe” piece can pair beautifully with a fashionable top. It all sounds elementary, but sometimes merging style and fashion, especially for a conservative guy like me, can be challenging.

If you’re someone who loves fashion but feel unsure about investing or wearing trendy pieces out in public, I highly recommend thrifting. That way you can test the waters without breaking the bank. Trust me, it’s worth a shot!

all the brotherly love,


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