Fall Must-Haves 2016

Diving into fall like a typical type-A

There’s nothing more daunting than a flashy fall closet lacking basics…
Despite the bipolar weather we’re facing ATM, Fall is unofficially here (yay!), and the heavy-knit sweaters are stepping out of hibernation once and for all. I’m excited to dress like a marshmallow again (thermals over tees over shirts over vests over jackets!!!).

…But before any crazy layering ensues, we must nail the basics first. From henleys to boots, I’ve got you covered!

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Flannels are versatile. Buttoned under a sweater, unbuttoned over a Henley. You can’t go wrong with a nice flannel shirt. Start with solids to compliment every outfit. I prefer flannel over a regular oxford because, duh, it’s warmer!

Adios, summer chinos! 5 pocket twills give a rugged look, which is super fall-y, agree? It warms me up faster, and more cohesive with heavyweight sweaters and coats. 

Rainy season + cold weather = duck boots.  These babies have been around for decades, and a basic essential for the cold-weather game. Grab a pair, and avoid ruining your pretty shoes! 

It’s party season! For all the fancy functions and socials, this blazer might will totally come in handy. You’re welcome. TIP: never match tweed with black trousers. 

I like to call ’em “Bean Boots’ best friend.” This jacket isn’t too sporty and fashion-y. A perfect middle option for everyday wear, no?

| Neutral Puffer Vest |
The holy grail of layering. Under a jacket or over a patterned flannel, you can’t go wrong with a vest. Perfect for windy, low 60’s weather.

Dark wash matches everything. I repeat, Dark wash matches everything. All the colors and patterns, you name it. They give a lumberjack-y vibe. Anyone with me?

 Pullovers profit the most from this list. I consider them a fundamental item for all seasons. A tried and true, all-weather gem. In my opinion. Wear ’em to the gym, the couch, the date, etc!

| Chukkas |
For the day in, day outs. Chukka boots are my go-to  shoes for fall. They look exceptionally stunning with just about everything (READ: even black). Fancy and casual. 

Thermals are the epitome of basic, but I might as well rock a nice one, no? They are my forever cold weather tees. A cold-weather upgrade from the regular long sleeve tee. This particular thermal has a cool, slim fit to it and the color harkens back to quintessential English countryside feels. 



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