The Elbow Patch 101

You say elbow, I say patch. Elbow Patch!

Winter is slowwwwwwly unwinding, but my elbow patches aren’t going away…at least till the end of April. I love the subtle look it gives an outfit, and the impracticality of it too. Suede, leather, whatever, I love them all! Guys are typically unaware -also not interested, about what their back looks like.

The back of an outfit is just as important. Add a pop of patch to your outfits. It’s painless and super low key. Pay the extra dollars because they do complete a look (like sprinkles on a donut.) Here’s to my favorite shops that carry some serious elbow patch goodness:)

1, J.Crew || In my opinion, the one-stop-shop for your elbow patch needs. J.Crew gives you the basics in different shades. 
2. Nordstrom || You pay a little more, but definitely get what you pay for. Again, sticking with the basics. Note that Nordstrom has more neutral-colored options. 
3. Ralph Lauren || To all the logo lovers, RL has your elbow patch needs met. Their sweaters are irresistibly soft may I add!
4. Vineyard Vines || I admire their fun and playful twist. Want to go daring, head over to VV!



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