The Key Chain Guide

only the practicals stay in the loop, no?

We all have keys with a loop that holds them altogether, I hope!

Just like food and wallets, it’s part of survival. In other words, it’s practical.

Waling around campus, I see a variety of keychain styles from overboard to merely just. one. key in a loop. I made a list of bits and bobs that will make your keychain look balanced, practical, and not heavy.

1. Key Fob || It’s a must. I recommend this! Loops are handy. You can easily hook one of your fingers to keep the keychain secure. Plus, it’s genuine leather so it will last forever.

2. A piece of you || Whether it’s your favorite place, an instrument you play, or your favorite sports team, a keychain that projects you adds flare to the set:)

3. Keys of course! || There’s no point if you don’t have keys!

4. Emergency Button/Whistle || Crazy people are everywhere. Better safe than sorry am I right?

5. Discount/Membership cards || 5 max in my opinion. They stack up pretty thick.

6. Lanyard || Super handy, I can’t even explain! The perfect thing to use for gym days. Simply wear it around your neck and presto you’re good to go!

7. Cut to the chase. Remove the shenanigans. || Extras will only make your keychain heavy. It’s bad enough for the car ignition to have lots of weight put into it.

8. One hoop || Try to keep one hoop. I find it impractical to have multiple hoops. unless your job requires lots of keys, it’s just bad.

If you feel I missed a few, comment down below!



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