Nordstrom Sale Picks 2019 + Mindful Shopping Tips

Some of my essential picks from the sale, reasons why i’m not hamming out, and things to keep in mind while navigating the sale.
Hey friends!
It’s that time of year again. When bloggers roam the racks of Nordstrom, growling amongst each other while eying their selection like wild vultures (okay, slightly aggressive here, lol).
Don’t get me wrong, I love the sale. I feel like it’s the best time to restock products worth retiring (like my Bonobos chinos on the verge of ripping). I didn’t go crazy this year, since i’m more focused on experience these days. Also, my closet is brimming with high-quality, investment clothing (90% of them being blue) that should last me for months to come.
 I’m curating a smaller collection of things I can wear till I turn them into rags. Yes, I went there. Gotta make the most of every clothing piece. Rich or poor.
This year’s picks don’t scream special or surprise; rather, simple. All of them radiate my personal style, and are things that won’t necessarily clog my closet.
As I said in last years post, just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you’ve got a deal. You’re simply spending more money for less. Crazy perspective, huh?
Also, some of you were asking why I didn’t list my stuff in advance. Bottom line: I don’t support store credit cards.
Let’s digress.
Here are some tips I use whenever I tackle the sale.
-USE THE FITTING ROOMS | I can’t recommend this enough. Everything in the store may seem tempting, but trying things on can make the decision-making much easier. It gives you an ultimatum for products that don’t fit/have your size.
-WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES | This is a given, but trust me i’ve seen people limp from wearing Bruno Magli loafers, running around the store like a headless chicken. I’m over here sporting my Allbirds.
-DO THE MATH | Use your calculator and see if you’re actually getting a deal.
-STICK WITH SOLID OR CLASSIC PATTERNS | It’s tempting to get the flashiest thing out there, but keep in mind that your hard earned money is at stake! Start out with pieces you’ll love and cherish for years, and maybe pop the trendy pieces a visit.
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