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A New York Minute Post. Gotta love new friends in the city!



Hey Dapper friends!

ICYMI, I took some time early August to recollect my courage, and finally scooped a round-trip ticket (not cool enough for impromptu one-way tickets) to New York City for nine days. NINE. DAYS. Leaving that for another post, but today is about a newly-built friendship made in the city.

I’m here with an incredibly fashionable Man-hattanite (see what I did there?). Someone who swimmingly flaunts a neckerchief on a casual Sunday afternoon. Without the added Pomp & Circumstance. Talk about #stylegoals.

From a small Pennsylvania town, Sam moved to NYC to follow his dreams.

Sam is a cool kid. Stylistically, he takes casual clothing on a whole new level: wearing subtle pieces in a way that picks curiosity. He’s the type of friend to speed dial when fashion blunders ensue.

Exhibit A: today’s look!

We had lunch at The Ellington on the Upper West Side and snagged a few pics at Riverside Park down the road. You guys, let me tell you three things we bonded over right off the bat: we’re small town fellers with a knack for local coffee and city-living.


I asked him 9 questions that were fun and fitting, enjoy!


Describe your personal style?

I think “modern prep” is an adequate description of my style. My wardrobe consists of a lot of J.Crew (mostly), and scattered pieces L.L. Bean, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers. Despite these old school powerhouses, I’ve managed to bring modernity through slimmer fits, relaxed looks, and how the conjunction of pieces are styled (think raw hems, front-tucks, and lots of rolled chinos).

Favorite NYC coffee shops?

“Citizens of Chelsea” in Chelsea has to have some of THE best coffee (and Australlian brunch) I’ve had yet. I found this spot shortly after I moved here, and there’s really nothing better than baked eggs, a sweet mocha, and everything served to you with a beaming smile and an Australian accent.

                    Any fashion icons/bloggers/instagrammers/etc. you look up to?

Adam Gallagher. A fellow New Yorker, he has an amazing talent of curating organic material while incorporating a side of emotions into his blog. Together they create authenticity; he’s definitely someone I always look forward to the next post.

                     Online or Brick and Mortar shopper?

Definitely, 100% Brick & Mortar. Online shopping certainly delivers a convenience that shopping in store doesn’t offer, but it is so cold. If you’re looking for a lamp for your hallway, be my guest and Amazon Prime it. But, if you’re on the hunt for a new cap-toe boot, I urge you to go to your local boutique and ask questions about what you’re buying.  There’s something unique and indispensable about having a salesperson explain to you the details, the story, and ethos of a brand and their pieces that always inclines me to buy more, and love what I buy.

         Preference: Subway, Bus, Taxi, Uber, or Bike?

As much as I’d like to Uber my life away, I stick with the train. Lately I’ve had the urge to get a bike, but I’m not quite sure if I could make it back alive with this city’s crazy taxi drivers.
The most peculiar item in the closet you can’t live without?
When the weather gets cold and my camp socks just aren’t cutting it, that’s when I pull out my fuzzy Woolrich slippers. These dad slippers certainly aren’t a fashion statement, but they are something I can’t live without.


What’s the best part about living in NYC?

The best part of living in NYC was the moment I chose to live here. I wrapped myself in blind faith, dropped out of college, applied to FIT and truly hoped for the best. I’ve learned my own strength was greater than I could have ever imagined, and through that made unimaginable friends, paved my way to unsurmountable opportunities, and so much more – all from a decision made in a single moment.

Number one piece of advice since moving here?

I got this advice before I moved here, and I’m obligate to pass it on – prepare to be very overwhelmed. If you’re well-enough prepared, you won’t actually be overwhelmed much, if at all. My first week here I set out to see as much as possible to make this city seem just a little bit smaller, and it worked!

If you where a Manhattan neighborhood, who would you be and why?

I just moved to Washington Heights in the beginning of August, and I’ve unexpectedly fallen in love with this uptown paradise. It’s the perfect balance of a busy city with a mix of some somber, outdoorsy moments. The culture of the area has an overwhelming family feel. Most weekends I can come home from work and groups of friends and family are hanging outside eating, talking, enjoying the company of each other – in those moments I’m brought back to the feeling of my tiny hometown.

all the brotherly love, 



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