Ian’s Interest No. 13

Folks, it’s been too long! The links are back! Today’s post kicks-off autumn with sweater sales and many more festive finds. 
Hey gents!
We’re back to regular programming! I haven’t been scouting the internet for over 4 months, mainly because the checking account needed to save up for future business trips (it’s not always easy being an entrepreneur!). Also because I had no reason to shop -mindfulness comes first these days. 
But among other things, self-care conquered the agenda. Instead of dwelling online, my attention leaned towards the practical side of things. Lots of meditation, half-an-hour showers, laid-back dress-up sessions in dressing rooms, and local travel.

It felt a little off-putting for these types of post to publish if I myself don’t buy (or read!) any of the links. Such a disingenuous thing to do.

And so i thought…

I’m beginning to realize that many of you actually find these posts resourceful. Thankfully my strategic-self typed a daily wish list (big shoutout to the notes app), from all the window shopping that transpired the past few weeks.

The only drawback was the “link-ability” of the items. Search, scroll, and many url’s later… I managed to find a handful of links. Oy! 

*Also, i’m changing the format of Ian’s Interest just a pinch. Instead of numbers, bold titles, followed by a lengthy description, I think a single summary sentence should suffice. Links inserted within the sentence for a seamless flow.

Now, to the list!

I recently bought this transitional shirt jacket , in grey, for under $30.
Ever wandered which type of car charger to buy? check this out.
An interesting take on formal workwear
Land’s End has been killing it with their never-shrinking crewneck sweatshirts

Who knew Tetris was more than just a game? 

How Aimee Song (one of my favorite asians in the industry!) turned her passion into a career.
Your group role based on a personality test.
A Mango sweater sale always means jackpot. 100% wool under $50? sign me up.

Currently considering this DYI pumpkin wagon.

Hallie talks about the beauty of disappearing, which I can TOTALLY relate to. 

all the brotherly love, 


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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