The Ultimate Garment-Dyed Shirt For Fall

The vintage look that will elevate your outfit from Summer to Fall.
Hey gents!
It’s been a hot minute (or season, for that matter).
Words can’t express the sadness i’ve garnered for the past 4-6 months. I mentioned the jaw surgery here and there, but never delved into the “major pit” I was in. A few complications resulted during recovery, leaving me in tears and shambles. There was no energy to write, dress up, dance, shower, talk to humans, type my phone passcode, let alone walk from the couch to the fridge.
All I can say right now is that i’m finally seeing the light at the end of this third-rate tunnel. Metaphorically speaking.
More on that later (a lengthy and juicy post for another day). Okay, now back to the shirt.
On a lighter note… 😉
My recent purchase from Abercrombie and Fitch (the green shirt i’m wearing) was utterly unnecessary. And so I thought.

After all, we’re talking about Abercrombie -YES, that infamous teen label, adorned by early 2000’s “preppy” high school kids.

However, I found myself captivated by the brand’s authentic heritage, and the company’s tactical approach to resurrect their rustic roots.
Abercrombie & Fitch was originally a classy outdoorsy sporting goods store. Essentially, if Cabela’s and Brooks Brothers had a baby. It’s very reminiscent of Upper East Side’s victorian charm.

Looking back at their early catalogs, it was the kind of brand I would naturally obsess over, not the crappy Mike Jeffries version of the label (yes to structured coats, and no to the overly branded graphic tees.)

The brand screamed class, adventure, and quality. Over the past few years, the company took a 180° turn and began walking backwards for all the right reasons. They’re finally applying the fundamental elements of the brand  -with a modern twist (gotta love a twist! 🙌🏽).
Rather than selling hunting vests and leather boots like before, the clothing resembles a contemporary basic aesthetic (think J. Crew) that contains a few vintage Abercrombie “isms” like rugged textures and quality craftsmanship.

Which leads me to this gorgeous garment-dyed shirt.

This fall, i’m flaunting all things faded, like this shirt from Abercrombie. Unlike the conventional twills and flannels, the disheveled look of garment-dye seamlessly mimics the falling dead leaves of autumn. All in perfect harmony.
I love the regular fit of the shirt for maximum comfort and movement. The shade of green is a refreshing palette cleanse away from the generic pine green seen everywhere this time of year. And the craftsmanship? bar none. It washes beautifully and the garment-dye only gets better with age. Finally, the moose is out of sight!
(no offense, logo lovers, but the moose is extremely annoying. reminds me of middle school and my wannabe cringe-worthy skater hair. oy.)
If you’re still allergic, I highly recommend browsing their site. I’m telling you, the difference is evident…very fresh and mature. For one, the annoyingly salacious ads/models are officially not en vogue anymore. Thank. The. Lord.
Let me know your thoughts! DM me on instagram or email me. Would love to hear your riveting opinions about the brand’s transformation.

 #all the brotherly love,


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