Hurricane Thoughts: Letting Stuff Go

Hey gents!

I’m sincerely heartbroken for Charleston. Moreover, every coastal state affected by this horrendous hurricane. Sending prayers to all!

But this post isn’t precisely about #hurricaneflorence; rather, the plain takeaway i’ve created from the constant weather reporting radiating across media outlets.

Many of us are too busy “making a living,” buying more things, and staring at our glass screens (aka mobile phones) on the reg. Consequently, we lose track of the people closest to us (both domestic and non-domestic) and the “things” that actually give us joy and value.

While watching the news reporting about Hurricane Florence, I consider what life must be like for all coastal dwellers/residents facing evacuation.

Worst Case Scenario 

Let’s imagine that Marvin’s house (my fiction name of choice) will acquire maximum damage and all his “stuff” will be unusable by the time he returns. He has 24 hours to leave town and only has his SUV to haul his belongings for the next few days or so.

Wouldn’t it be nice for him to instinctively know what matters most and head out without second guessing?

The problem is, so many of us (and I used to be guilty of this) struggle with attachments.  Whether it’s a family heirloom, or an investment piece, we tend to put so much emotion over things.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with acknowledging an item’s worth, but remember that things come and go, properties are replaceable, and that memories are the ones that count most. Understanding this concept liberates the brain from future emergencies and indecisive donation dilemmas.

Once we distinguish the things that truly bring practical value, and perhaps minimizing our possessions (gasp! the “M” word!), there’s a sense of ease and clarity once tragedies transpire. Essentially, we know what to bring in a heartbeat.

Simple concept, hard implementation. Trust me, decluttering is a talent.  

In regards to relationships, it’s important to always send spontaneous texts, calls, snail mails. Extending a virtual hug and remind the recipient of their constant influence in our life. Even a simple “how are you” can go a long, long way.

We never know what life throws our way. So why not cherish the people around us regularly?

I think mindfulness is something we need to implement on a daily basis.

Okie Dokie, that’s all i’ve got. Rant done!

all the brotherly love,


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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