A Dreamy Charleston Picnic

It’s a whimsical day when straw bags, croissants , and (champagne) flutes are in order. (In my world, at least.) Savoring a sunny Saturday at Hampton Park with family -and frolicking ducklings!
Hey Dappers!
Charleston is hands down the most fanciful-feeling site. I’m constantly surrounded by romance and history, two features I faithfully fuse profusely. ¬†With so many quaint endeavors afforded, who can resist a city like this?
Any newly weds? Better start booking your honeymoon -highly recommend this place!
A quiet picnic was a must-do this summer. My family plans a trip every summer, but never get the chance for a proper picnic moment. We’re always at the beach, or the downtown area savoring the southern seasonings from well-renowned eateries.
I’ve always admired the aesthetics of outdoor feasting, and the notion of missing such an opportunity in such a charming city was nonsensical. Especially for a fanciful guy like me. Ha!
Hampton Park’s floral feature practically drew me in. It was like eye-candy at first sight, making the “where to?” decision way easier. Coyly enough, Google had me at floral while searching for picnic spots. I also love how the park isn’t a major tourist mecca. Well, at least when I was there!
Aside from the greeneries, you’ve also got a mini-bridge and a flock of frolicking ducklings near the lake area. I mean, does it get any cuter than that? The park is officially my long lost hidden nook. Fr’real.
Packing-wise, I planned the entire thing exactly how my grandma would do it: the fiesta way!
I’m all about aesthetics so I went ahead and used my favorite green plates from the family kitchen. The plate has that old-fashioned victorian feel to it, no? Major Charleston vibes if you ask me:)
I kept the food selection classic -minus the Rose’ and Mango situation (both from a local market). The chicken salad (gotta have protein!) was the foundation for the grocery list. A regular slice of bread would’ve been boring, so I opted for some French feels and bought a pack of croissants to compliment the salad.
Oh, and how about this super charming picnic blanket from Target? So good. I’m obsessed with the quilting detail, plus it’s reversible (solid navy on the other side). To end on a high note, I snagged it for under $15!!!¬†#score



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