Lunch @ Leon’s

A non-taxing ensemble, perfect for messy meals and never-ending walks around downtown Charleston.
Hey gents!
Greetings from Charleston! The city never stops embracing me with its charm (and endless humidity -oy).  
Always impressing me with jaw-dropping sceneries, granting me zen: beach after beach, delighting me with aromatic smells of floral, and lastly, feeding me five-star meals. It sounds so elementary (and corny), but the city makes my heart flutter. Charleston is my private joy.
Oddly enough, I treat every city like potential lovers. In regards to Charleston, we’re past the flirting stage. We’re basically in love (sorry Edinburg!). lol. The Holy City is THE ultimate bachelorette. 
Okay -jokes aside.
Yesterday I made reservations to Leon’s Oyster Bar with a few buddies, and boy, was the food good. A fatty feast, brimming with flavor. I highly recommend the scalloped potatoes! The setting was dim with overwhelming hodge podge of weathered decor. The vibe was nautical and rustic, a nod to old-fashioned coastal living.
 If you love a hearty and filling meal, this is the place to be.
We came a little early for our reservation, so we walked a few blocks to The Daily and took a few outfit photos. (Leon’s was jam-packed, per usual, and I was not about to cause a blogger scene. lol)
I wore this green linen shirt from Baird McNutt, one of my most trusted linen brands, and a lightweight chino from J.Crew. Both old, but evidently long lasting (had them for 7 years now). The shirt is dark and wrinkly, which is perfect for greasy and messy meals. No need to be cautious about stains.
I’m also the type to blend with settings. This dark button-down encapsulates the casually coastal vibe (not to mention the dim atmosphere). On the flip side, the stone-colored lightweight shorts adds a nautically preppy flair to the look. Also, you can’t go wrong with leather flip-flops in this city -duh.
all the brotherly love,


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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