Book Review: How To Find Love In A Bookshop

A romantic read, brimming with kinks and quirks. I highly recommend this book.


Hey gents!
Good-ness gra-cious.
This book delivered well. Plots were perfectly pleasant, with characters exuding charm and wit. All the romantic connections were equally craveable. The small town setting emanates intimacy.
O V E R A L L  T H O U G H T S

What I love most about the book is the quintessential, English charm it acquires. Reminiscent of Charles Dickens -to paint a better picture. Lots of small local shops and cobblestone roads.

It’s quirky, enchanting, and emotionally stimulating. Major butterflies were felt from start to finish. The book sheds light on the simple satisfactions found in romantic relationships. Moreover, the beauty behind bashful behavior. The protagonists embody this good-natured mannerism, adding a graceful spin to the already heartfelt story lines.

Overall, How To Find Love In A Bookshop was a beautifully written novel. Veronica Henry has a way with words.
T H E   S U M M A R Y
The book uncovers the story of Emilia Nightingale, who recently inherited a quaint, little bookshop after her father’s death. Due to the loss, future events caused residents to huddle in solidarity in honor of Julius, Emilia’s dad. The unexpected turn of events paved way for various locals to discover romantic encounterments with fellow neighbors. Relationships unfold in unprecedented ways.

Veronica Henry packs a lot of practical points throughout the novel. Two points stood out to me:
1. Humility || Henry did a great job exposing the bad guy (jerk dude) with his constant lying and careless actions. He was enamored with status, wealth, and outward beauty. The nice guy (underdog dude) was a true gentleman who took the fault in the name of love. He found beauty from within and has reserved mannerisms. Humility is a rare feature that sustains and solidifies any relationship.
2. Perseverance || From past breakups to potential bonding, love is worth the risk. If there is (or was) a mutual love for one another, pursuing the other half with passion and purpose creates possibilities. Beautiful possibilities. Follow your heart and always go the extra mile. Never hurts to try.
Can’t wait for the next book review! Let me know your thoughts on this one!
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