My “N Sale” Essentials

Here’s a roundup of all the goodies i’m buying. Seriously, you can’t miss this “one of a kind” sale.

Hey guys!
The Nordstrom sale is finally here.
I’m definitely not the wildest of fans, diving head first in a sea of discounted goodies. Basically, far from compulsive.
What I love most about the “N” sale is the ac-tu-al¬†deals you get. New season markdowns are a thing here. Yes -current season stuff. We’re talking designer duds that rarely ever go on sale. Once the sale hits end, the prices go back to normal.
Unlike other stores, the sale items don’t go straight to the clearance rack.
But despite the price drops and savings galore, not every item is a “good deal.” Don’t be fooled by other shoppers snagging a laundry load of things left and right. Think of it this way: if you don’t love it wholeheartedly, you’re not actually saving money; rather, wasting money for a whole lot less.
I typically stock up on high quality essentials. Is there anything more fulfilling than to buy well-made products that wear and tear beautifully down the road? not to mention getting it for half the price -IN SEASON!
You’re probably wondering why I didn’t post my picks during the “Early Access Event” like all the other bloggers? In all honesty, i’m highly opposed to store credit cards since they encourage nonsensical spending regardless of the so-called points you acquire from purchases. Hence why I couldn’t shop early.
Just being honest. But then again, i’m not that obsessed.¬†
Enough talking. Here are my top picks for the”N” sale:

all the brotherly love,


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