Spilling the Tea on this Tee

The T-shirt hunt has finally come to an end. All thanks to Uniqlo.
Hey Dappers!
Ever struggled with the t-shirt department? I hear ya.
From trumpet sleeves to itchy fabrics, so many brands miss the mark on the basic tee. Consequently, my search for the perfect tee transpired for a decade. Talk about years of patience and poorly made tees. Oy.

Summer screams lesser fabric (read: not trashy) and easygoing garb for maximum comfort in the sun. And obviously, t-shirts are a definite no-brainer!
My quest for the perfect tee ended last summer during a solo visit to NYC. I stumbled upon the Uniqlo 5th Ave. store, expecting to leave with my personal belongings and nothing else. I found the Supima tees and was skeptical of the price. I tried on a few colors and BAM! the angels were singing above me.
They fit. They actually fit! The price exceeded my expectations as well. 
I pulled out the “Mark Zuckerberg closet card” and stocked like a pro. Now I have an endless palette of neutrals stacked like pancakes, sitting prettily in the vanity. One word: sa-tis-fac-tion.

What’s great about these tees…

1. Drop Sleeve & Gracious Width || Coming from a guy with toothpick arms, many t-shirts have that extra fabric on the sleeve, causing a slight flare (aka trumpet sleeve). Thankfully, Uniqlo’s sleeves drop perfectly, giving the arms a bulkier look. Width-wise, it hits between slim and classic.

2. Zero Pilling || Of all the “fast fashion” tees, this one takes the cake. Primarily because it never peels! I never really compared Uniqlo to the likes of Forever21, H&M, and Zara, but since the price points echo each other,  I find this particular brand exceeding its craftsmanship over the rest. 

3. Minor Shrinkage || Truth be told, I dry all my tops on high heat. These tees always come out beautifully. Keeps its shape while the fabric shrinks a minimal amount. Can’t really tell a difference. I also love the mid-weight feel so it won’t necessarily rip during the washing process.

4. Price Point & Longevity || You guys…they’re under ten dollars! And trust me, you get a lot of wear and tear for that price. As i’m writing this post, Uniqlo recently dropped the price down to $7. The only negative here is the lack of color options. I’ve had mine for a year now!

So there you have it! The secret is out. I finally found my happily ever t-shirt. Hopefully your journey ends too. Stock up and stay happy!
*This is NOT sponsored by Uniqlo. I’m just a really big fan!

all the brotherly love, 


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