A New Shampoo

 Handsome hair starts with this bold looking bottle. A game-changer to say the least.

Hey gents!
So I have a major confession: For the past decade or so, I only bought drugstore products for the body. Specifically, Axe and Old Spice. (gasp! how arresting!)
But wait. I can bet a million bucks you’ve been (or currently are) on the same boat. It’s safe to say most men aren’t well aware of their product ingredients.
Maybe it’s a guy thing. We’re a creature of habit and familiarity. Moreover, we usually stick to what’s in-front of us (aka the grocery store isle) and pick whatever fancies our eye -or the wallet 😉.
My product usage was synonymous to the wild, wild west. Just imagine a ton of chemicals, from shampoos down to foot creams, penetrating the skin left and right. There’s a constant battle between good/bad ingredients without me even knowing. 
…until I became a mindful nut. lol.
I scoured the internet last week and found the Fellow Barber Complete Shampoo during a wine-infused online shop-a-thon. 

YOU GUYS. This product does wonders. Unlike drugstore shampoos, Fellow Barber’s shampoo smells like saltwater taffy (in my opinion) that captures a youthful, renaissance man, running through the fields in true romantic fashion. The lather process is quite gentle, which is great for guys who hate bubble ups. 
It doesn’t give me that overly dried out feel once I finish drying the hair. (You know that squeaky clean feeling as if your hair’s been stripped of all the oils?)

Surprisingly, it includes a conditioning feature that doesn’t leave the hair greasy like other conditioners. 
Most importantly, it’s paraben and sulfate free. Not to get too nerdy here, but chemicals like the ones mentioned earlier do drastic harm to the body in the long run. Scalp irritation and hair loss are two examples that may transpire. 
I’ve read the ingredients quite thoroughly, but see for yourself 👍🏼!
Side Note: I found their online description extremely cute. They encourage men to shower twice a week in order to retain natural oils. Unlike big corporations that encourage daily use and frequent purchase, Fellow Barber’s advice proved they’re on a bigger mission, beyond selling products. They care for their customer’s health and well-being. 
Kudos to them!

all the brotherly love, 


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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