Ian’s Interest No. 11

Another week, another set of links! Tons of new arrivals worth considering. 

Hey Dappers, 
A slow and steady week over here at CharlesTucket. Nothing much transpired, except for, well, it snowed here in Virginia. I was blindsided in the worst way possible!
Ever dreamt of Spring so, so hard and next thing you know…mother nature drops a heck-load of snow? It was fairly warm and sunny earlier today, but winter’s whim decided to cause chaos around 3PM. We’re talking slanted snowfall, y’all.

Let’s just say that my summer-inspired outfit wasn’t happy to confront the snow. 


The weekend is finally here, and my number one goal is to organize my laptop files and catch-up with school work. Perhaps going for a nice well-rounded target run too since my groceries can’t seem to last more than two weeks. Getting better at it, though. 
Oh, and doing some *low-key* damage online (mainly Nordstrom and Mr Porter) to celebrate spring break’s return. Bring back the trunks and tropical tops!
Enough with the weather, let’s talk links. Lots of new spring arrivals online and i’m heavily gasping for some of the stuff. #takemybreathaway I can already see a few prospective staples for the upcoming heatwave season.

Here’s to hoping your weekend goes well!

Not to the links:)

1. Camp Collar Shirt || This navy number from Acne might be the best thing from Mr Porter’s new arrivals this week. Looking forward to wearing it all-week long for spring break paired with various colored shorts. 
2. Girl Scout x DD || I’m usually a Starbucks fan, but this seasonal collab between DD and GS is literally giving me life. Looking forward to a nice Thin Mint flavored iced coffee!
3. Inspirational Podcast || Highly recommend this episode from Dream Cast. It’s about a country boy who ends up working in the fashion industry. Super relatable. This comes to show that nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams!
4. Snoopy Shirt || How cute is this shirt from Gitman? I love the way they placed Snoopy under the pocket. It gives the shirt a unique touch. 
5. Face Suncreen || Chances are, i’ll be exposed to the sun during spring break. This sunscreen has SPF 15 and is packed with vitamins for healthy looking skin -all day! Excited to try this product!
6. Gold Bracelet || I typically stray away from buying extensive amounts of jewelry, but this cutie caught my eye! I’ve been super into dainty jewelry lately. The tiny chain detail adds an understated pang to any look. 
7. Jeans Under $100! || Tired of crappy jeans that fades, sags, and constantly parading loose threads? Well, the fabulous folks at GQ curated a list of their favorite quality denim, without breaking the bank. Did I mention most of them are at your local mall? #winwin



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