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A charming little print to elevate the pattern palette. These trousers, despite the wideness, literally looks good with anything. Trust me. 
Hey Dappers!
I rarely wear trousers, squarely because i’m a casually basic college kid…with little reason to flaunt a pair of dapper duds. Also, definitely not the most practical for studying or hanging with friends (aka the things I do on the reg).
Sure I can justify a snazzy outfit for the blog, but here’s the thing: I like to keep the blog transparent and real, and only wear outfits I actually sport day in day out. Just a personal itch, I suppose.
Tyler (my photographer) and I shot this outfit during a non-eventful afternoon. I didn’t have class and, well, went for these fresh-from-the-mail trousers since it clearly needed a moment. Couldn’t waste a good pair of trousers, ya know?
I enjoyed wearing it again the following day for a nice latte moment at the coffee shop and a leisurely stroll by the downtown area off-campus. Who knows? I might wear it to class for no reason.
My outfit looked extremely manic, in a place where everyone dressed “normal,” but that’s the beauty of it. When you love a piece of clothing, no matter how crazy, you wear it without second-guessing. Fashion is F-U-N!
Zara was having a major sale and these trousers caught my eye. Cost per wear was at stake, but this check number somehow landed the cart. The pattern complemented my neutral tops and shoes. The aesthetic manifested a Parisian vibe, which is a DEFINITE YES for my personal style. The silhouette was flattering enough to re-wear in new ways, whether it be dressed up or down.
Turns out it wasn’t a wasteful purchase after all. $70 bucks well spent!

Talk about a pattern palette cleanse, though! As you know, my love for basic denim and chinos can’t be beat. But adding a fun, plaid-ful pair to the everyday mix sure is refreshing.

I know this outfit is an acquired taste, but hopefully it inspires you to try experimenting with clothes, while staying true to your personal style. Pamper yourself once in a while and make a statement!



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