March Reader Short List

My first ever book review. Gee, why did it take this long?

Hey Dappers!

2018 flew is flying by like a speedy cab drive! Time seems to be rushing faster and faster by the day. Still can’t wrap my head around it. You guys, Spring is technically here?!? #pumpthebreaks

I’ve been reading on the reg the past few months of the year and wanted to share the books I mentally consumed as of late. Not gonna lie, I had more of a reason to read since the holiday season finally landed a dead end. Currently giving myself some time to decompress from the huff and puff.

(Also, reading is my favorite excuse to wear charcoal masks before bed. Yes I just went there!)

Despite the clock speeding its arm rotation nonchalantly, January, February, AND March are three of the quieter months of the year…for me at least.

The shopping malls can vouch that. lol. 

I plan to read at least two books each month (all goes back to realistic goals!) and review them on the blog. So many people these days only read captions and short articles, but I truly believe that anyone can benefit from a solid novel -one being a new set of vocabulary! It also helps the brain dream and imagine creatively.

Embarrassingly enough, this month’s list are mainly from Nicholas Sparks. #JudgeMe

1. True Believer | Love it love it love it! If you like a nice “city meets country” narrative, then you’re in for a treat. It’s about a New York City guy who falls in love with a North Carolinian country girl. Definitely a classic Nicholas Sparks novel with the North Carolina touch. Spoiler alert: The main guy character wears A LOT of Bruno Magli shoes!! #sneakerhearteyes. Anyways, they fall in love, things get rough, and….the rest is yours to read.

2. At First Sight | The sequel to the first novel (above). A real tear jerker if you ask me. I fell in love with True Believer so clearly I HAD TO read this. The story continues with fickle tendencies within the relationship. Lots of jealousy ensues and silly misunderstandings that could have been avoided. It dragged for a few chapters, but the end will make you cry for sure. I know I did…in the middle of campus! Eeep!

3. Lincoln on Leadership | Clearly not my usual fiction pick, but a great tool for any self-preneur or motivational enthusiast. If we’re being honest, Abraham Lincoln was a great leader and man. There’s so much wisdom here and the quotes are SO on point. I highlighted my copy for quick reference. I also love that it’s thin with larger text (I get fairly impatient while reading non-fiction.)



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