Ian’s Interest No. 10

Lesser links this time around, but the shoes i’m about to share are legit FIRE. Cheers to this week’s (short) links!
Heyyyyy guyyyys, 
I’ve been posting regularly here, so that’s a plus. 
Nothing much transpired since our last chat, except for the fact that I received an email from my academic advisor stating my acceptance for G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N. Ya’ boy graduates in three months!!! Beeeeeyond excited. 
So I tried the lavender cold brew flavor at the coffee I mentioned last week, and it was quite the blissful thing. Super floral-y and sweet with a dash of bold. 
The flavor brought back memories from The Paris Market Coffee Shop in Savannah, GA, in which I cried profusely. The store basically mimicked my  lifestyle: from the lighthearted architecture to the romantic store experience. It was overwhelmingly me to say the least. Perhaps one of my favorite stores ever. 
Isn’t it amazing how scents and flavors help us recollect memories?
1. Holiday Boileau || MR PORTER recently carried this brand. Similar to other French contemporary brands, HB has a lot of basics, with the right touch of trendy. Their “Holiday” printed products are super adorable, especially the tote! Fun fact: they used to be an American Travel magazine. 
2. Irreplaceable You || This movie made me cry for a good 24 hours. A story about love, life, and the power of living “in the now.” Highly recommend!
3. Dutch Doors || How cute are they? They add a nice layer of movement to the welcome space. I’ve always been a French door guy, but this might be a close contender. A great option if you have a dog!
4. How Many Friends? || Because everyone’s asking the same question, right? Well, this article talks about it. The numbers will vary from person to person (obvi), but the article does make a great point: everyone should have at least one. 
5. AMI Sneakers || Okay, okay. I know it’s out there. I just love the youthful vibes! (because let’s be honest, i’m #adulting way too fast.) Time needs to pump the breaks a bit. Great shade of blue and the straps are too cool to hate. 


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