Ian’s Interest No. 9

Found a new favorite song, plus a few videos to get the high spirits rolling! Here’s to this week’s links. Cheers!

Heyyyyy Dappers!
So it’s currently 71 degrees and mildly sunny here in Virginia. Perhaps a slight hint of spring approaching? Probably a stretch, but whateva’. Dear weather, you’re such a tease!
(and yes, totally aware how I always talk about the weather first! lol)
I’m at a local coffee shop writing this post. But man, I scooped a seat beside the glass window, soaking all the hot heat (and Vitamin C!). Totally loving the short-sleeve, cropped-denim look today. First hot day of the year. Keep it coming!!
This weekend i’m off to the movies with friends. Haven’t been in years! I’m also doing an early spring cleaning. My wallet’s been facing some real damage as I expand my basic collection. Focusing more on quality over quantity these days.

Oh, and i’m trying out this new coffee shop close to campus. They have lavender flavor (ooh la la!), and i’m totally here for it!

Okay, to this week’s links.

1. The New Zip Sweater | Okay, currently obsessing over this one. Sandro recently put out their new season collection and this top stood out. I love the simplicity and the unique zipper detailing. Adding to my wish list!

2. Dennis Hopper Style | Mr Hopper is one of my favorite style icons. Similar to Paul Newman (who I also admire), he’s got that All-American cool boy aesthetic. This article shows you how to get Hopper’s looks! (Also, since this is a Mr Porter link, make sure to check out their second in-house collection while you’re at it.)

3. Lauv’s New Single | Oh man, this is a bop. I heard it a few days ago and fell in love the first time I heard it. Lauv is honestly pure talent, and that chorus is breathtaking. #vibes 

4. Things to Invest on | As you may know, i’m investing a whole lot more these days and straying from the fast fashion madness. Brock from the Modest Man talks about a few items that will get your money’s worth. His recommendations are quite practical price-wise! (i.e. his Allen Edmonds are only around $300 compared to a $1k pair? Now that’s something i’d consider)

5. Healthy Habits | Alex Costa gives 7 handy tips to make life 10x better. I’ve tried some of them (including the low-key ad he promoted) and I can say firsthand that they work!

6. Perfect Jeans | I’ve been looking for THE perfect pair…for like, months now. I stumbled upon this (marked down!) medium wash via. the Nordstrom website. Sure it’s over $100, but when it comes to cost per wear, the price is more like a steal! (still not sure about the back pocket logo though)

7. Taking Risks | Especially in today’s economically tight society, it’s hard to take any risk. Moreover, people are constantly busy (which I don’t blame!) and have no time to ditch the comfort zone. Brendon, one of my faaaaavorite podcast-er, shares his tips on how to take risks. After all, risk is required to take those next level moves, whatever endeavor it may be. 


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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