Ian’s Interest No. 8

This week’s links! Without further adieu, let’s dig in. 

I know, I know. 2018 is off to a great start, but man, can spring come quickly? 

My body can’t take anymore of this layering lunacy -and the frequency of puffer jackets (aka marshmallow tops) while we’re at it. Dressing up for the cold can sometimes be a tad bit tricky and tacky. It’s definitely not the most flattering sight when streets are covered with people flaunting giant Big Bird-inspired outerwear. Yeah, no.
Getting off track here…whoops.

My week has been one heck of a chaos. And honestly, not mad about it. It’s kind of hard getting back in the swing of things, considering the fact that i’m a last semester senior. Talk about #Senioritis!

They say college is the best time of your life. Okay, I can agree to some of that. On the other end i’m super stoked to become a full-fledged adult. Don’t know why, but something about paying bills and simultaneously having the financial freedom to customize a grocery list is quite a blissful thought.

In the meantime, i’m heading to a concert tomorrow night with my good friend Nick. I’ve never been one to fancy a “hipster-y alternative band,” buy hey, a guy can live a bit…no? Should be fun regardless!

Hope your plans go super well this weekend, friends!

Now to the links:)

1. Men’s Fashion Week || You guys, it was S-O-L-I-D. My favorite show was Todd Snyder, squarely because his clothes are the most wearable IMO and the brand aesthetics never cease to amaze me. Here’s a slideshow for y’all. #rightdownmyalley

2. A Quality Closet || Marissa from Rue Rodier talks about investment buys. It’s such a good read because it makes you realize how much of a waste impulse buying really is (and constantly obsessing over fast fashion). I may be a guy, but she points out really great investment pieces to consider, like leather belts and jeans.

3. Nordstrom Men’s Shop NYC || Impatiently waiting for this store to come! It’s set to open this coming April, and you bet i’ll be buying a ticket to the city for a nice look around. The Cut gives us a nice glimpse of what the store has to offer.

4. Club Monaco Shoes || CM released their own line of minimalist sneakers (white and black). I recently popped by their SoHo store to check, but it seems to be an online exclusive product ATM. However, if you’d like to see it in person before buying, the store mannequins are currently repping them!

5. Practical Meditation || I’m all about meditating these days. Paul McGregor (love his videos!) explains his tips to get the most out of your meditation moments. Zero frills!

6. Lauv’s Spotify Singles || Okay, okay, I know there’s only two. BUT, I’ve been playing both on repeat. For days. For hours. Call me crazy. It’s super New York if you know what I mean. Both songs always make me want to sport a pair of dark round Ray-Bans and take a shade-infused selfie with a tropical leaf. #vibes

7. Sandro Sale || Extra 20% off reduced items! Better scoop some deals, gents! It’s a good one.

More next week, gents. Have a great weekend!



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