Recover Your Personal Zest

It’s that time of year when I question (or forget) the resolutions, and life takes a total tumble down Lumber Lane. (see what I did there? lolz)

Hey Dappers!
I’m currently slipping in a state of lull and I don’t know why. Lulling is not the issue; rather, the extended stay.

Sometimes life throws you a bone and you don’t wanna pick it up. For weeks. You feel me?

 Maybe it has to do with the reality of being back to reality? I mean, the holidays only flew by a few weeks ago, y’all. (Despite the feeling of it being SO long a go since time seems to be rushing for no reason.)

Perhaps the cold weather for partial blame, too? 

Who really knows… hashtag, life. 
If you’re currently stuck on the same boat, let’s paddle to an exotic island, scout some fruits, and have a good ‘ol picnic. Jokes aside. 

 I found three fool-proof ways to combat the unexpected, dragged-out lulls of life.

These tricks always help me see the finer things in life (not the Yves Saint Laurent kind), and before I know it, I’ve been inspired from within. 

1. Take a (quick) trip | Ditch the everyday and travel somewhere new. Have a 9-5? perhaps a mini weekend getaway will do. It doesn’t have to be far.  Brand-new sceneries can be a tad bit overwhelming. New roads, new streets, new everything. That’s a good thing because it give us a chance to think, all while tapping our inner wayfarer. Seeing new architecture, trends and landscapes offers us new inspiration to visually absorb. Appreciate the new rhythm. 

2.  Intimidating Group Class | When life takes a lengthy lethargy, we’re typically in a state of aloneness. Bored, uninspired, thinking the world is SO dang dull. Only to realize we’re the lifeless ones. Signing up for a (challenging) group class gets the zest back up and running. The fact that you registered is already a step in the right direction. By doing so, we get ourselves in an awkward situation. However, it lets us socialize and feel better about ourselves afterwards -mentally and physically. I typically get the best ideas while working out, and what better way than to do it surrounded by other motivated individuals? Embrace the community and let the mind get inspired. 

3. Host A Party | Perhaps my favorite of all! Maybe all it takes is a bit of rearranging furniture, setting the dining table filled with charming things (and name tags while we’re at it!), and sending invites to a small-batch of friends. Dining with a close group of besties/bros is always a great option. It’s a stellar way to exchange ideas and learn something cool. One of the many things I enjoy about my friends is that they inspire me in ways they don’t even know. From outfit choices, to untold excursions around the country, having these types of people around me gets the whimsical itch going.



I'm Ian, the writer behind CharlesTucket (a mix between Charleston & Nantucket, two of my favorite places). My hope is to inspire every man to live a wholesome & whimsical life, one quirk at a time.


"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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