Ian’s Interest No. 7

Hey Dappers!

How’s it goin’?

Over here panicking like an absolute freak, wondering why I haven’t ordered my college textbooks? School starts in a few days. SUPER. 

I’m finally getting back in the swing of things. For one, i’m tackling the second half of my final semester in college. Can’t believe i’m graduating four months later… Eeep!

My weekend consists of

  • multiple magazine moments
  • shopping for a new pair of check trousers
  • vacation planning
  • coffee date with an old friend

Oh, and did I mention? I recently ordered a brand new novelty chair for the office, and i’m absolutely in love with the suede material. Not the most practical, but I prefer suee over canvas any day!

Will show you via. insta stories once I get it!

This week’s links:

1. Digital Detox | I’m all for taking instagram breaks these days. I mean, the saturation of it all and the amount of noise (read: nonstop “turn on notification” requests) is just too much to handle. This article from Well + Good has acquires scientific backup on why digital detoxing can make you happier. Love this!
2. Charming Shirt | Have you checked out A.P.C’s website lately? because it’s kind of hot right now! I’m currently eyeing this shirt (note to self: buy before going to NYFW). 
3. A sweater must! | Somehow I found myself at the mall last Tuesday. I rarely (read: never) go there. Not to be snobby and all, but clothes at the mall tend to repeat itself in the worst way possible. HOWEVER, I stopped by a local Express store and found the coolest sweaters under the New Arrivals section. Love them!
4. Grated Tomato Pasta | Donal makes some of the best pasta around! Not gonna lie, I kind of hate tomatoes, but the photos caught my eye so I thought i’d give it a go. #WhyNot
5.  Tim Tebow x Mizzen & Main | I’m a huge Tebow fan (one of the best Christian role models right now), as well as the shirts from Mizzen & Main. This commercial had me LOLing for a good five minutes. Cool and hilarious! A must watch. 
6. Ralph Lauren x Olympics | You guys, i’m totally digging the uniform. Esquire did a great job explaining it in detail. Can we also talk about those fringed gloves? SO good. 
7. Sneaker Needs | Okay, so this might be a bit of a stretch, but I feel like every guy needs a pair of these Sid Mashburn sneakers (myself included)! It’s made of real suede (a major plus, always), minimal structure, a shade of blue that complements every skin tone, and round laces (which I find way cooler than the typical standard flat laces that usually come with this type of silhouette.) Price point is super on point as well!

Alrighty, gents. Talk to you next week!



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