Creating a Happier Closet

New Year, New Closet? Yeah, i’ll pass.

Hey Dappers!
Dressing-up was THE ULTIMATE setback in middle/high school. I painfully recall those weekday mornings when skipping breakfast was a thing, always on a mission for THE PERFECT outfit. I was left uninspired, agitated, and most of all, rushed. The closet was SO jam-packed with questionable clothing, and the whole process was an utter headache.

There’s a mainstream notion to buy MORE gear, MORE basics, MORE sneakers, in hopes to “elevate” and “refresh” the wardrobe.

We live in a materialistic society so the idea can’t simply be swept under a charming rug. Hence the word notion. It’s sad, and pitiful at the same time.

Social media worsens the ideology, comparing one’s closet to other people’s unrealistic “up to date” outfits. This is a constant battle between hypothetical wants and deep-down favorites (that need a bit of tending.)

Consequently… I possessed a plethora of passable products. Oy.

I was once a product of this “buy more” notion. But now? I consider it phony. Generally, most of these so-called “staples” are like resolutions. We aim ’em, get ’em, but never reach ’em four weeks later. Thankfully I learned from those yearly mistakes…

2018 makes for a great shift, lending no mercy for splurgy items. This will be the year I stay true to my style and fully embrace what makes me feel 100% dandy. It’s all about buying less, and investing more. My closet has undergone a major declutter session -finally.

Here are a few steps I took to tackle my current (and future) wardrobe condition:

1. Find The Tried And Trues || Grab the jaded jean, the shirt that sheds a bit of muscle illusion, the shoes that makes you look fly. Once you find them, consider this your capsule collection. I kept my selection monochrome, squarely because I want every piece to go with everything.

2. Create A Shopping Rhythm || Now that the tried and trues are visible and finally getting their well-deserved attention, let this be your inspiration whenever you shop. Make the caspule your own personal brand. Whenever you shop for certain items, think to yourself “is this on-brand?” It’s fun to digress and derail ourselves from the usual, but learning to grasp your signature style should be prioritized before any trend-right browsing ensues.

3. Separate Space For The Iffy Items || If you’re anything like me, I have A LOT of items I can’t let go. Either they have sentimental value or just not comfortable enough for everyday wear. Despite the soul-punching emotions, they take up unwanted space in the closet. I recently bought a large, clear Sterilite for all my “fashionable” items. This way, my focus won’t be swayed while picking outfits. Whenever the mood strikes, I know where to find them.

4. Buy Less, Invest More || I get it. It’s hard to resist a handsome top with a lovely price tag. But from past experiences, these “items” never make the weekly, or monthly rotation. They’re pretty to look at. Period. In the name of Paul Newman, I vow to invest in pieces I truly applaud. I’d rather have a closet filled with quality pieces I cling to, rather than a packed closet on the verge of provoking. Invest in a wardrobe worth skimming.

All it took was a bit of research, studying my style and learning what REALLY works for me. Sounds easy, but it ain’t. Find what you love and stick to ’em. Then, once you master the capsule, pay the odds and ends a visit for reconsideration.

Simplicity has gotten me a whole lotta free time these days.

For one, I don’t skip breakfast anymore. There are days when I spruce-up an outfit with loud patterns and bright colors, but I always make it a priority to plan the night before when mutual affection between fads and feelings are evident. Fortunately days like that come sporadically these days. Whew!

It’s a great feeling to face a closet filled with beautiful things I love and care for. Feeling a whole lot better now. The closet looks content, and acquires an identity of its own.

*Images by Tyler Phenes



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