Ian’s Interest No. 6

Let’s get to linkin’, folks! Lots of inspirational articles for this week’s roundup. 

Hey Dappers!
It’s my last week of Winter Break (last “break” as a college kid, eeep!), and you bet i’m soaking all the fun in the sun (and snow) while i’m at it. 
Right about this time of year, I always take a trip down memory lane and have mini waterwork sessions, reminiscing days spent with college buddies and whatnot; but simultaneously, having heartache hours because homework stinks and “I just can’t right now.”
I’ve been reading novels, window shopping, curating playlists via. spotify (more on that later!), debating which coffee flavor to pick at the coffee shop, and basically maintaining a slower pace of living. It’s important to take a few steps back and simply not give a flip about the world’s annoying demands. Consider this my drawn-out dreamland. 
To celebrate the weekend’s return, i’m sipping a BrevĂ© instead of an iced coffee for a fun, little switcharoo. Also, i’ll be watching a handful of old romantic films (like Roman Holiday!) and chill with a nice bowl of popcorn. Garlic seasoning included. 
A low-key weekend for this lad. Hope yours is just as relaxing as mine! Now to this week’s links!
1. Mango’s Next Season Preview | Starting off with a not-so-alarming link. Mango is slaying the game right now, and this preview does not derail from past collections. Sure it’s a bit basic, but I love how they’re fully embracing the basics with pops of color. I’m here for it!
2. Storage 101| No matter the square footage, we all need space for storage. This slideshow gives a few ideas to make way for the odds and ends that need a home. 
3. LFWM Outfit Roundups | In case you need some style inspiration, here are snapshots from London’s most fashionable lads, strutting the streets during London Fashion Week. I’m absolutely in love with Slide 17 (that double-breasted camel coat is #fire)
4. Small Space Sofa | I’ve been searching for the perfect loveseat for my blog office, and Will’s post gave me the best inspiration EVER. Can we talk about that stunning blue velvet? Absolutely dapper. 
5. CASPER News | I was scrolling through my Youtube subscription feed when Jon’s video got me all distressed. It’s a 2-minute video basically saying how Casper is raising their mattress prices. I’ve been a fan and have their products, and thought i’d pass the video to you guys for good measure. 
6. Turtleneck Alternative | A lot of you still message me about the Wallace & Barnes turtleneck I wore from my last outfit post. Aside from the Armani Exchange sweater I linked with the post, I managed to find another similar one from Zadig and Voltaire. Plus, it’s on sale!
7. Creative Rut Solutions | Believe it or not, i’ve been dealing with this for a few weeks now. Despite the slower pace and freedom, my brain’s in a state of dullness (hence the lack of instagram posts lately). Jacey shares a few ways to tackle it. 
That’s it for this week! See ya next #Friyay!


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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