The Food Suitor No.1: Cannon Green

Sharing my favorite restaurants from previous excursions. First things first: Cannon Green!
Hey Dappers!
If you know me (or don’t), then you know my unhealthy obsession with local eateries. I’m all about those one-of-a-kind experiences you get while dining local, as opposed to a mega-chain where standardized themes are in order. 
Take Wendy’s for example. 
You walk into a brick and mortar, and chances are you’ll find the same marketing, same red trademarked designs, same interior design arranged differently. But generally speaking, you acquire the same experience no matter which location you’re in (but don’t quote me on that!). 
It’s a psychological stance, but supporting local businesses adds more value to our hard-earned dollars. Why? not only are we paying for quality meals made by mindful cooks, but also the unique synergy between the restaurant’s décor and our lifestyle.  
Many of you have been sending inquiries regarding my local food-related adventures. (btw, I can’t thank you enough for the constant DM’s.) Your nonstop request inspired me to create this series. I also think it’s a great way to review the restaurant more thoroughly. 
The Food Suitor celebrates the beauty of local dining, all while discovering one-of-a-kind restaurants with fanciful settings. For the guy or gal who appreciates aesthetically pleasing eateries. #allaboutthedetails
I’ll be rating the restaurant’s food (duh!), design, service and location, rating each category from 1-5, 20 being the highest total score. Let’s dig!
Cannon Green is a forever favorite of mine. I wanted to start the series strong, and Cannon Green was the perfect punch! When I first saw the place, I was bewildered by the b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l green doors, topped with lovely old-fashioned chandeliers. Quite the majestic entryway if you ask me. It’s got that true, rustic southern charm with hints of contemporary minimalism. Also, can we talk about their signature shade of green? SO chic. 
Food: Portions are relatively small. Not exactly the most filling entrées either. The flavor, however, is perfection. It’s loaded with various spices one can ACTUALLY identify (sometimes too salty though, but not to the point of sipping water in-between bites). haha.
They serve everything beautifully -something I look forward to above all else. My sister ordered a cocktail and she had nothing bad to say. If you’re looking into a nice light meal, this is the place! Score = 3

Design: I’m in love with the brightly-colored hints of green. Striking without overdoing. The place has a rustic feel (as mentioned earlier) filled with weathered-wood construction. I’m here for it! It’s giving me #Magnolia vibes. Everything else is mostly minimal. Great balance. 
Did I mentioned the back area? It’s a big open space with chairs, fountains, and pretty patio lights. Not sure if this is an event space, but it seemed like a hangout spot for guests. Score = 5

Service: Cannon Green has valet parking! #blessed. Location-wise, the restaurant isn’t the easiest to drive, let alone to find. Thankfully the valet service made the process less panicky. The waiters were super courteous and bubbly. My mom even joked around with a waiter for what seemed like forever. LOL. Score = 5

Location: Not the best place, but I like how it’s far removed from other restaurants in town (think King St.). We were lost for a hot minute or two, but finally found the restaurant after a few squints. It truly is a hidden gem…and I love the restaurant for it! Score = 3

Total Score: 16 / 20 
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