Le Pyjama

Slip-on a sleep-worthy top when the weekday burnouts come about. Shuffle in style. 
Hey Dappers, 
Congrats, we survived 2017. *pats in the back!*
The Christmas season had me all dappered-up from classy college Christmas parties before heading back home with le familia. Trust me, even the ugly sweater outfits take time and effort! (You bet I was rockin’ a pair of tartan trousers though) #classic
Thankfully, January calls for a bit of downtime. Everyone’s wearing the usual getup yet again. 
I wanted to look super stylish the first week of the year (minus the effort), but TBH, I can’t be bothered. Too tired from the constant bustling (ahem* Christmas & New Years). 
This outfit, however, takes the cake for stylish appeal, with a sluggish attitude. Ditching the effort while still looking solid in public. #loveit
Today’s look is all about that sleepwear vibe. Kind of embarrassed to start the year with a pyjama top, but TBH, i’m living my best life over here!!
The fashion world embraced the revere collar for quite some time now, and I plan to keep the momentum going this year. It’s definitely a trend that I love and want to keep as a classic staple under my fundamental collection. Forever. 
The top has a flattering detail that taps my inner “fashionable french dude walking the stylish streets of Paris.” Meanwhile, mindfulness comes to mind when dealing with cost per wear and practicality.
A low-key, out there piece that will get a ton of wear for sure. 
I’ve always been a chino guy, but this time I ventured off with a flared pair. Something about the silhouette screams “simple, yet snazzy.” I’m fully embracing my love for odd-fitting pants this year!
Have a lovely week, friends!

*Images by Tyler Phenes



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