Gift Guide: For The Homebody

Cheers to the ones who stay at home, dapperly slouching like an ESQUIRE model. Gotta love those #homebody vibes!

Hey Dappers!

As a homebody zealot myself, this gift guide might be my favorite one so far. I’m all about the details in life, and those perfect moments created by serene surroundings (think pretty wall arts and pinstripe curtains!). What better way than to sprinkle a dash of that at home?

Most of my friends are married (or solely #adulting) with a cute living space, and I always enjoy the company of their home. I love unwinding at their place while casually chilling with a record spinning and a candle burning.

Quite frankly, they are the easiest ones to buy presents for.

If you have these types of people in your life, hopefully this guide can help out a bit! If you can’t think of anyone, I still believe that adding a dash of detail to any living space is essential. So, I highly recommend gifting home bits to friends and family. (Trust me, they’ll appreciate it)

Links based on numbers down below, happy shopping!



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