From Dopp Kit, to Dope Clutch

Never underestimate a dopp that dreams. Jokes aside, this toiletry can shift from private to public use. Who knew?

Hey Dappers!
How’s your week goin’?
To my surprise, Fall has been a blissful ride. Virginia continues to benefit from the relatively mild weather. We’re talking high 60’s, y’all. 
It’s overwhelmingly odd to think how 2017 is finally hitting its homestretch…while the puffer jackets extend their stay at the “storage inn.” #crazyweather 
P.S.  I hope I you’re enjoying the gift guides! I’ve gotten emails from the past week or so requesting other “categories” for the series. My top two inquiries are for the girlfriend/wife and (to my surprise) tech-driven folks. Be on the lookout this week!
Let’s digress. 
This dopp kit was a bargain buy from the 2016 Father’s Day collection at Target. Fun fact, I meant to buy this for my dad… clearly I had to plot a backup plan. I couldn’t resist the crossed oars!
I normally keep my dopp kits behind closed doors like most men. (i.e. the bathroom or travel luggage.) But what if I told you their hidden potential. Beyond the (bathroom) doors and (luggage) zippers of our personal properties?
Clutch this nugget of wisdom, gents! (see what I did there?)
Dopp Kits are (in my opinion) essential for storing small necessities like snack bars, lip balm, cologne bottles, Altoids, wallet, Pocket Monkeys, cellular device, etc. while out and about! 
They’re great for weekends spent around town and the holiday season alike. This year, i’ll be sporting a dopp kit to all my Christmas events paired with a tartan trouser and camel sweater. 
It’s a great conversation starter! Holding a glass of wine with one hand + carrying a dopp ever so elegantly on the other = man of the party. Reapply the cologne, savor another Altoid, comb the hair, all in one place. Consider it clever. 
When the weekend strikes, I naturally stray from the laptop, or any work for that matter, so a messenger/tote bag seems ridiculous when hauling small trinkets and gadgets. Dopp kits transform into dope clutches when paired with off-duty ensembles like plaid button-downs and white sneakers. 
Next time you find yourself reaching for the larger bags without a necessary need for it, think small, head to the bathroom, and grab the dopp. 

*Photos by Megan Wert


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