Polo + Shirt

Frenching-out in this Parisian-inspired ensemble. Tres Chic!

Hey Dappers!

I’m always craving pastries (from dusk till morning light), so naturally I caved and paid for carbs today. While ordering, my inner Parisian came out and spoke French (despite the accent I cleeeeeearly butchered one too many times.) Mental note: study French more.

Frankly the workers (presumably) classified me as “les incompetents.” Shoutout to the bakers for bearing with me! Aside from the minor mishap, i’m currently multitasking with the left hand typing this post and a fragrant fougasse on the other. Any who…

This. Outfit. Is. Literal. Chicness.

I shot the outfit days prior to the pastry crave, and wore it again on my way to the bakery hours ago. The outfit holds a certain air to it. Like a stylish Parisian having a bite of bread, gracefully devouring the savory canele -legs perfectly crossed. That’s exactly what was going through my head while shooting this outfit: “how to aggressively eat French pastry politely.” LOL. 

The polo was a steal from Target’s Goodfellow and Co. Collection. For $12.99, the price can’t be beat! For anyone asking about the brand’s sizing, it runs a bit large despite the trimmer fit, so size down. (keep in mind i’m a literal twig, so it’s best to try them on!)

I originally opted for a solo polo action and a pair of khakis for a camel-on-camel effect. Paired with my trusty white kicks from VEJA.

(But that was too predictable , especially for a mundane Monday morning.)

I needed something fun without bearing too much effort.  Ever had days like that?

Striped shirts, despite the pattern, are great basics to layer with (think sweater vests, cardigans, and pullovers!). It’s a great pop of interest to any outfit ensemble. I went bonkers and topped a polo shirt -squarely out of curiosity, lol. Thank God it turned out okay!

I also elevated the classic denim with a touch of fringe. Remixing the wardrobe is something i’m trying to master.

French people have a knack for remixing basics while creating unique looks that eventually land the fashion map for all to emulate. And here I am, trying blend humdrum pieces together. Altogether I think i’m getting better at this minimalistic remix thingamajig.

Another shoutout to my savvy Parisians out there for always inspiring me.

Hope you enjoy the look, and have a great week, friends!

La Fin. 

*Photos by Megan Wert



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