Cold Brew & Tote

Olive totes and mental notes to tackle the AM rush. 

Hey Dappers!
The rush is real and rude, y’all. Those early weekday mornings when the legs sprint faster than a 60-minute Soul Cycle session? Yep, It’s called speed/race walking. (which in fact is an olympic sport!) 
Who knew? I didn’t.
#Adulting is tough, let alone waking up during the glorious hours of 6AM (oy), but mornings don’t have to look like hell! Creating cheerful habits is a must for me. Gotta stay sane in a busy world, you know? Every bit of detail counts.
Two of my current favorites are local cold brew runs and this faux suede olive tote. Together they make for a stunning power couple, ready to fight the day’s uncertainties. The tote is large enough to haul the necessities and a mid-weight jacket for good measure. A great alternative to the messenger bag, and also a great option for anyone who doesn’t sport a suit on a daily basis.  
Truth be told, I randomly scouted this women’s tote bag from the men’s department, clearly misplaced in the middle of the shirt rack. What initially drew me in was the subtle hints of masculinity the bag acquired. It was the perfect shade of olive, with a rustic suede effect, plus the sensible square shape mimics a reusable grocery shopping bag. 
I can ramble about this bag for days, so let’s digress:)
Any who, I asked a representative about the bag, and indeed it was a women’s item. But who cares? The overall look is far from ladylike. 
I love the casualness of it all. The minimalistic structure makes for an easy throw n’ go, no?
Caffeine-wise, the classic coffee never gets old, especially for morning commute. I steer away from daily coffee runs, mainly for the steep weekly spending cost. However, i’ve been really good at budgeting my weekly allowance so today calls for a little morning treat. (and many more to come!)
Anyways, here’s a great representation of my outfit happenings as of late. Lots of neutrals and sneakers on repeat! I can’t complain. 
Outfit links down below. Have a great week!

*Images by Megan Wert

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