Ian’s Interest No. 3

Door decor, the hottest white sneaks, plus a witty commercial. So many links to link today!
Hey Dappers!
How’s Friday treating you? Seriously though, my head’s about to sayonara-the-heck-out and dive headfirst to the weekend. I’ve faced multiple melodramatic sprints to class and a handful of midnight sessions at the library. Oy. 
Nothing better than a leisurely novel and latte to unwind the nerves… and a charcoal facial while we’re at it.

The sun finally came out after 4 days of brutal rain. Glad to give my parkas a weekend break.
Any who, today’s roundup is a spicy one. Lots of sizzling deals and articles to share with you! Let’s kick-off the weekend with Ian’s Interest #3, shall we?

1. Mr Porter’s Line || Highly obsessed. I’ve been a fan for the longest time now. They’ve built a reputation for curating the best selection of menswear, and i’m over here nodding every step of the way. I love scrolling through the site, aimlessly seeking for brand new shirts and “pyjamas.” Well folks, they recently launched their own label and my pocket is ready for the punch drainage. Esquire does a phenomenal job rehashing the company’s approach to the label.

2. Blogging 101 || My bro Moti posted about the ins-and-outs of blogging. Hearing it from a fellow brother (and full-time blogger) sure is refreshing, considering that most of the “blogging-related” posts are from a women’s perspective. Nothing wrong with that, just wanted to hear from a male blogger.

3. Keep Dreaming || Incase you haven’t noticed, I live for podcasts. They’ve carried me through multiple valleys (aka hardships in life) with wit and wisdom. Brendon was the inspiration to the obsession. The Charged Life helped me tremendously, and through that I scouted a few other podcasts. He wrote a short but stimulating post about starting a spark and sticking to it (video included). A must-read!

4. Front Door Fix Up || Shea from Studio McGee shows us how to spruce up the front door this season. Every time I stroll the neighborhood streets of Charleston, residents never disappoint with their front door designs. Whether that be the color, door knob, or ceramic pots and whatnot. Decorating the door is a great way to tie the house together, almost like a bow on top of a present.

5. My Lovely Vejas || Y’all have been asking about the white sneakers I wear all the time, and here they are! I found them at Club Monaco during my trip to NYC a few months ago.

6. Jack Spade via. Nordstrom Rack || I’ve been seeing a lot of Jack Spade stuff here recently, including his captivatingly charming coal tote bags (like this one). The price points are insanely low, let me tell you. But quality sure is there. *adds coal tote bag to cart*

7. The Chino Workout || I’m a sucker for a good commercial. Mizzen & Main created this macho ad a few month ago promoting their flexible chinos. A great laugh if you need one!


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