The Deep Vee

A motion-maven sweater, guaranteed to make the weekday ramble runs ritzy.

Hey Dappers!
Today your boy submitted his final class registration form. F-I-N-A-L.
You guys, I can’t believe i’m halfway galloping through SENIOR YEAR!! Soon enough i’ll be #adulting and budgeting my shoe acquisitions.
2017 flew by like a South African cheetah gliding into the sunset . Like, i’m SO eager for 9-5’s and paying billions of bills (cue the sarcasm), but time needs to pump the breaks and let the guy liiiiiiiiiiive a bit. Can I hear an amen?
Moreover, mid-terms are finally gracing the collegiate streets yet again (cue the sarcasm). While everyone’s making flashcards and sipping late night espresso shots, i’ve finally mastered the art of dreaming in the midst of stress -pro tempore, of course.  
Currently yearning the streets of Dublin and exploring the countryside, but this Irish-inspired backdrop will suffice for now. 
On a brighter note, Fall is finally here. Well kind of. 

Weather-wise, the hot heat persists -despite the fall foliage on the ground. Perfect for non-frigid photoshoots, however not for puffer jacket photo ops. What can I say? exploiting the light layers and bare ankle happenings. It’s a good problem to have!

I’ve been dying to wear this sweater since I bought it weeks ago.

The deep V cut is absurd, yes, but I have a knack for toning down statement pieces. Today was a bit chilly so I opted for a pinstripe oxford. I love the texture and subtle details the shirt provides, as opposed to a simple, white tee which creates a flat look.

The sweater acquires a theatrical take to the high-low trend (is that still a thing?) with a boxy silhouette for added drama. Gotta love a sweater wrapped in aberration.

As mentioned earlier, i’m taking advantage of the bare ankle weather. It’s no surprise I cuffed my classic straight-fit chinos today.

Hope your week goes well, friends!



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