Home Design No. 1: The Jenston

Long overdue, but finally here. My interior design ideas are finally up!
Hi Dappers!

The time has come. With much consideration and contemplation, i‘m finally sharing my home decor finds, along with floorsets to bring the items to life. Also, the name for this post (and future ones) is simply for fun -no deep meaning behind it.

Growing up, there’s no denying how much of an avid homebody I was. The fact that I didn’t start driving ’till the age of 21 is besides the point, but the idea of twirling around the living room space, and sofa lounging in true Martha Stewart fashion was basically my childhood aesthetic. No lying.

Yes, I was that kid who decorated bookshelves, who thrifted vintage paintings for the bedroom wall, who felt the urge to add “storefront displays” in the god-forsaken closet (pre-voguish days), inspired by the Ralph Lauren NYC flagship store.

Home decor played a significant part to that matter. There’s something about a tall, curvaceous ginger jar sitting beside a topiary, or the way a drape-y curtain flows on a sunny afternoon, or how lemons pop on a shiny marble island top, and everything else in-between that makes my heart flutter.

Now as a young man ready to venture into the real world (soon), i’m finding it much more important to have a personal space that reflects my personality. A place where motivation can take place and perfect moments can reside.

Interior design, believe it or not, isn’t as saturated as you’d think for the average guy as it is for the average lady. There’s a notion that such things are considered feminine or pointless if the item(s) don’t hold any “practical value.”Personally, I call nugatory on both. 

Let’s digress…

I get it, there’s a lot to consider (depending on your creative caliber) when it comes to design. So much to see, so much to pair. Well, I can’t wait to unwrap more inspirational home decor posts and discuss many ways to spruce-up your pad! Until next time:)

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