The Minty & The Maker

A pair of cool chinos and a cooler shirt to combat the summer heat. Stay cool (and look cool) while strutting the streets! For the record, I forgot to wear a belt so my pants are slightly sagging….
Hey Dappers!
The heat is driving me crazy lately. (Fall, if you’re listening, you gotta come sooner.)
I was running errands today and found myself sweating like a wet dog. Mind you i’ve only been walking for a good three minutes. Virginia ain’t no California, but man, the heat is blazing badly this time of year. 
I’ve been wearing similar outfits like the one below, since i’d rather be sweating in style than not. Obviously. 
Recently I came across a gentleman’s clothing brand that is now (officially) one of my top faves –ever. I took a sporadic “practical shopping day” a few days ago and found the shirt i’m donning right now. 
You guys, it was hot. Hotter than the current heatwave i’m dealing with!
I have a plethora of unworn short-sleeve shirts stashed in the closet, so the shirt should’ve been a red flag from the get-go. Not exactly…
While the shirt lacked justification, the brand story gave the shirt a whole new worth. Based in NYC, Maker and Company is a gentleman’s clothing brand that strives to provide fit, style, and affordability. 
They understand the power of fit, and the idea of personal comfort over public comfort. In other words, a well-fitted shirt that not only “looks good,” but also feels good. #nofrills Quality is evident yet the price is honestly my jam right now.  Their site is having a major sale right now: 80% off site wide!! 
Note that just because a shirt costs less, doesn’t make it less valuable. Oh, and they barely advertise -something to appreciate!

But above all else, they have a heart for guys who create beautiful things. I myself am a part of this niche. Those who dream, do, and turn ideas into reality.  Those who practice passion and skill, focusing on the particular thing they’re good at, and slaying it.

Those are nuggets of truth I learned during the interim (AKA standing in front of the racks researching the product on my iphone). Lol.

They have a few videos that I think will inspire you a lot.

The minty pants are from J.Crew, which are perfect in all its glory. (I promise the fit is much better with a belt on). 
They’re the perfect pair of crazy chinos to invest on, given its unexpected wearability. You can match this bad boy with a grey crewneck, a navy blue gingham shirt, or even a pretty poplin like the one i’m wearing. Shoe-wise, nothing to worry about. 

Shop the whole range here! Nordstrom carries the brand too, so definitely have a look!

shop the look:

Top: Maker & Company (Out of Stock, similar here)
Bottom: J.Crew (old, similar from Bonobos)
Shoes: New Balance (on sale!)


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