Tribal Resort

The perfect clash of tribal design and resort vibes. We’re sliding into Fall any minute now (weeks to be exact!) and my monochromatic mind is growing mad. Anywho…

Hey Dappers!
Yes, I know, another outfit post. I’ve been loving SO many clothing items ATM, that I simply cannot hide my outfit happenings from the public eye. They’re totally trendy (or tacky, depending when and where you’re reading this post). #FranticFashion

The spread collar, also known as the “resort” shirt, was made famous by Saint Laurent. *Don’t quote me on that, but i’m pretty sure YSL sported the trend first. Now the world is going crazy for it (myself included), given its easy-chic air. Basically a design that lets any guy look like a million bucks. 
I paired the shirt with a swanky-patterned bottom. The tribal feel hooked me in, and the corduroy feature was unexpected. These shorts can easily bleed through the fall season. Especially if you’re down south!
While editing the photos below, I was slightly skeptical of how the look turned out. You know those moments when you have a certain expectation in mind, but it ends up looking sub-par?
Now looking back, I honestly have no regrets. Sometimes you just gotta take yourself foolishly, not gingerly. We all make silly mistakes, and that makes life 10x fun-er (see what I did there?)
Just because we left our teenage trends, doesn’t mean we can’t let loose and try new styles of clothing. To experiment. We don’t always have to live in black tees, white sneakers, and cuffed denim, if you know what I mean. Let loose and play dress-up once in a while!
With August coming to an end, my fashion risks will simmer down too. I’ve enjoyed the process and the vulnerable aspects of my personal taste. Cheers to another risky August month:)



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