Bloody Blooming

A summer twist with Ben Sherman. Pucker up, bud. This bloody red shirt will elevate the wardrobe (or perhaps the smooch sessions with the better half).
What’s up, dappers?
I’ve been experimenting with fun patterns as of late. Trying to embrace my 20’s as much as possible, since time doesn’t want to slow the heck down. Sometimes life calls for a dash of spontaneity (random road-trips, trendy attempts, etc). August is typically the month wherein the hunger (spontaneity) hammers. 
Scrolling through the Ben Sherman site a few weeks back, the shirt i’m wearing today stood out -like well-maintained topiaries. The shade of red horrified me at first, however the dainty floral/paisley pattern resonated with my aesthetics. Thank God I managed to pull it off. 
Ben Sherman does a great job adding the most intricate details to his products. One being the lovely side cut to the sleeves (with a decorative button for added cuteness!).
I had to pull out the brogues prematurely this year, all thanks to the outfit! They give off a certain British vibe that screams proper and polished. #dapper

The upper half is clearly aggressive, so a darker pair of dungarees helped to neutralize the look. A lighter pair would’ve given an offbeat feel (but if that’s your taste, you go dude!). I went ahead and ditched the belt so the focal point won’t deviate from the shirt.
I’ve been SUPER obsessed with the #sailorcuff from the J.Crew Style Hacks -as shown above. *Yes, I know it’s girl thing but guys can rock it too*. This particular style of cuffing made the outfit 10x hotter. I mean, it’s not an “Ian look” if chic doesn’t speak. LOL.



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