South of Broad

Have you ever epitomized a fictional character from a charming novel, strolling by lighthearted streets of sorts on a sunny day? Boy, that’s me today!

You guys,

Today’s post is a good one. And as you may have gathered, i’m going soft today. #whatsnew

Having been to Charleston for years now, my dreams of riding a bike downtown -specifically South of Broad – has finally come to pass. AHHHH!

…but on a serious note, a simple stroll was (apparently) the central cure to experience Charleston at its best. Who knew? An aftermath that leaves you satisfied and well-appreciated, if that makes any sense.

 I felt like a bird breezing through town, soaking every perfect moment (victorian gates and flowers galore!) at a faster rate. The winds blowing, dogs barking, homes flaunting, legs pedaling, and shirt draping. 

The aesthetic and romance of it all made my heart swoon even harder for the city.

Aside from the glamour that includes bicycles and airy, white shirts, there are challenges indeed. My sister was an absolute skeptic, having to force her to ride the two wheeled creature down King St. -*which in fact was a TOTAL nightmare since we came during rush hour. Whoops. Sorry sis.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the experience (once we found our way out the crowded streets).

In case you were wondering, we rented bikes from Affordabikes (across DryBar @ King St.). We decided to rent, not knowing what to expect from this effort. It was a “better safe than sorry” kind of deal.

Location-wise, we headed down to the South of Broad with Colonial Park in mind. On our way down the neighborhood, historic mansions began to inspire, and suddenly an emotional connection between man and architecture was born. I felt like a Parisian garçon (excuse my French) cruising by the French Riviera of all places.

With flowers peeking out from both sides of the streets, to the dapper gates, all the way to the strikingly-stellar front doors, words can’t describe the beauty of this neighborhood.

Colonial park boasts a rectangular-shaped pond, surrounded by a circular walkway for that enjoyable stroll/bike session. It was worth the trip, promise!

We also spotted a charming grocery shop called Burbage’s down Broad St. (Mainly because the mint framings were #eyecandy). Stop by for a quick sip/treat especially when the weather is a hot mess.

While experiencing an all-time bicycle fever that day, a jiffy trip down Rainbow Row was inevitable given the distance. Watching the boats and waves tango was all the incentive I needed to cruise an extra few blocks.

Kept the outfit simple to the touch, mimicking an effortless vibe that never ceases to amaze me. The bike was colored quite boringly…which was totally understandable. Thankfully the look was chic enough to hide the matter:) LOL.

BRB, I’ll be daydreaming right here for the next two weeks (or so.) Finally, a newfound haven to cherish. Until next time, Charleston!


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"Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love." | 1 Corinthians 16:13-14


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