Running With Wool

The casual sneaker wing of the closet is fronting a full-on facelift, since my current collection doesn’t seem to carry “innovative” sneakers (whatsoever) in terms of style and comfort. Something to be proud of, I guess.
When it comes to active footwear, I habitually ignore shopping for them. There are two trainers I religiously wear to the gym: a classic pair of b/w Nike Free TR and a grey pair of Nike pegasus with a bubblegum green swoosh. I keep it simple, practical, and carefree (hence the lack thereof) .

The fashion world is currently going bananas (bonkers is probably a better word) over the athleisure trend…well, a bit much. It’s an overwhelming sight watching modern brands create their line of moisture-wicking apparel, refashioning active clothing technology for those lengthy marathons and weightlifting sessions.

Meanwhile at the footwear department…

It’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. A new wave of brilliance is here.

I was in need of a new workout shoe (let’s digress) when I stumbled upon this tender-yet-tough pair from a brand called Allbirds. (cute name, right?)

Their sneakers are made from merino wool (as in sweater material), merino-padded insoles, and lightweight soles.

A few things to love about this shoe:

1. They Sock || What’s better than a sock-like shoe? These wool runners literally feel like socks (obviously with feasible craftsmanship). I think the light sole helps shed some heft, providing maximum comfort.

2. Cushy to the touch || Made from merino wool, one can expect the same sweater vibes on the feet. The shoe includes merino-padded insoles, so it mimics the luxury of snuggling under the blanket while bench-pressing.

3. Color || The natural grey color matches all my athletic gear. Hats, wristbands, duffle bags, you name it. I’m currently obsessing over its heather effect, which seem to create a dash of intrigue into every sudden motion of the shoe. The monochromatic grey tones give me futuristic feels as well.

4. Less is More || Aside from comfort, silhouette is everything. I love the simplicity of this shoe, with its low-key branding and zero frills at any given angle. The shape is as practical as it gets.

5. Weather-Proof || Perfect for any weather situations. Your feet stays hot when cold, and vice versa. They dry fairly quickly, and odor is not an issue when worn sockless. Need I say more?

6. All Natural || Everything about this shoe are made from natural, sustainable materials. While they might look like knock-offs from afar, you can definitely feel the quality nonetheless.

Anyways…hands down the perfect trainers to wear for cardio, trips to the yoga studio, and running errands. Being the simple and practical shoe guy that I am, these sporty shoes are exactly what the closet is lacking.

Allbirds simplified (and redefined) what it means to thrive in the market. They’re helping men and women appreciate smaller brands, innovative concepts, and a culture of nonconformity. The wool runners are simple to the core, yet subtly peculiar.



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