We’ll Never Go Out Of S-Tile

Architectural patterns for a towering look. 
Trekking back to my preppy heydays, patterned shirts have always been the maestros ruling the shirt department of the bedroom closet. the In other words she was the family dog who never stopped begging for attention. 

 Hey guys!

How’s life? Mine’s clearly a doozie, writing drafts per usual, but what makes it more enlightening is the change of seasons. I live for Summer, and the closer I get to her the happier my outfits become. The closet is facing a bit of a melodramatic identity crisis ATM, which is normal given the weather’s fickle nature as of late:)

Slowly but surely, i’ve been taking multiple trips downtown, pulling hints of heat from retail racks bursting with pretty poplins galore. SO MANY pinks and periwinkles slithering through the shops at the moment!! It’s like “a botanical garden thew up on Paul Newman’s closet” kind of deal. And i’m totally not mad about it.

Spring is here, and i’m officially peacing-out to the complexity that is winter fashion. Au revoir to turtlenecks and tartan tops!!

On mediocre weekdays i’m usually donning an outfit that consists of navy tees, dark denim, and retro sneaks. I tend to get in a habit of “style slacking,” especially during the colder months, merging cyclical shirt and pant combos on the reg. Rinse and repeat as they say… but today calls for a structural silhouette to kick-off the long awaited stay of the hotness monster that is summer (ahem, spring)!

This shirt has been hanging on my labrador-shaped door hook for months now since 1. it reminds me of lovely days spent under the sun and 2. the pattern was the perfect fit to the tropical green frame of my closet door. Need I say more?

…Okay, here’s more.

The pattern has the right amount of pop to it. Not too dramatic, but not too small to the point where it looks like a solid shirt from a distance. You feel me? I hate finding well-fitted shirts with poor pattern execution. #ultimatepetpeeve

I’m also in love with its user-friendly feature. When I first bought the shirt, business casual came to mind. However as of late i’ve been rocking the shirt with crinkled cargos and converse.

Something about it makes me feel tall, clean, and trendy (despite the contrary).  Perhaps the architectural look? As the title states: this pattern will “never go out of s-tile.” Along with the skyscrapers, it’s here to stay, building stories of outfits for years to come.

This tile-patterned shirt from J.Crew Factory found its way to my heart closet by way of digging (AKA online shopping a little too hard). I didn’t need another patterned shirt, but let’s digress…

The big picture is this: If your skin reacts to a certain fit and style, you better believe the skin and buy it. The options are endless in today’s market, but the downside is a heap of ill-fitting shirts. When you find the one, you marry it pronto…at the cash register!

I knew it was #theone the moment I buttoned the shirt fresh out the box. From the soft-washed fabric, slim cut, to the well-executed pattern, I found myself agreeing with my skin yet again.  



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