What’s in my Fanny Pack? (Festival Edition)

Packing for festival season: small and smart!

It’s festival season, friends!! Over the recent years, music festivals seem to be topping pop culture’s trending charts. I know a handful of friends and acquaintances who faithfully go every summer -and not one person ever came back sulky.

…and so begins my bandwagon-ish attempt…

They’ve given me a newfound craze to aim for this summer, given the celebration of local vibes, and you know i’m a local-lovin’ guy (not to mention the only time I find those fanny packs forgivable).

Festivals are relatively synonymous to open fields, hipster fashion, and sweaty situations under the sun (it’s summer after all). Beyond the swanky insta posts and disheveled sophistication that is boho-chic, there is no getting out of the latter point mentioned earlier: sweat.

Oh, that sticky feeling we once thought only existed after/during workouts and longwinded picnics…

You can’t blame yourself for standing outside. For hours. Braving the heat. While pumping those fists, maintaining your flower child stance.

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day for festival style inspiration and found this accessory to be quite the irk…backpacks.

Backpacks. I’ve had my fair share of sweaty back stains walking to and from class with my trusty Mountain Hardware backpack, and i’m not about to do the same while enjoying great music outdoors. Just a personal pet peeve.

I’m off to a music festival this weekend, and my fanny pack is full to the brim -with handy thingamajigs to keep me “glowing” and stress-free. If you’re a festival newbie, like me, give the list a try; if not, I think no. 2 will change your festival game -if not revitalize it:) Here it goes:

Disposable Water Bottle || Although it’s not a fanny pack staple, water is a must-have! I love the sleek silhouette of the Smart Water bottles, so I can stroll with a nice accessory in hand so-to-speak. 

Laroche- Posay Spray || Puny bottle, Pure bliss. Save the face from dehydration, and maybe those sweaty armpits for good measure! The perfect remedy for those “face fanning” moments.

Mini Snacks || Shhh. Stashing a packet of trail mix over here. However festivals (typically) have local vendors, so keeping the snacks on the DL.

 Hand Sanitizer || Close contact with people + not exactly the cleanest environment = save yourself from the snizzles and get a bottle of sanitizer. Festivals have a rep for being sloppy.
Money Clip || Because wallets are bulky. And TBH, I don’t find them practical either for festivals. Clip those dollars bills (or cards) tight and close to the waistband.
Shades || Squinting is never a good look. This particular style is my fave for the occasion, with its edgy frame design and all-black tone. Squint to your hearts desire because you’ll look like a million bucks pic after pic.
Mattifying Sunscreen || Keeping the skin up to par…and matte. There’s nothing worse than sunburnt shoulders and shiny skin. Protect! #festivalgrail


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