Favorite Razors

Howdy, shavers! Here’s a nice look at my beard’s favorite razors. 

I like to think of myself as this: an all-time shaver. Like, I shave a lot. Every other day is not an understatement.
Shaving is pretty time consuming if done right–now that’s a fact. However these days people are so on-the-go and therefore the intricacies of shaving is slowly dissolving. Starting with the mighty sleek razors.

Go to the nearest drugstore and you’ll find a handful of decent razors at an affordable price. Same with shaving cream. You reach for the same old one you’ve had for years –or maybe try a new blade to spice things up -oy. While these drugstore razors are totally ok, don’t you wanna try something fresh? Something with a super savvy story? Something with nice packaging? Something to get you up and perky?
Here are five razors to try.

*Side note: gravitating to certain brands may help influence your lifestyle aesthetics for the better. There’s a difference between a $2 disposable razor and a Harry’s razor. Generally speaking, most generic razors don’t acquire a sense of remark-ability…just a perfectly functioning item that gets the job done. Does that make sense?

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 11. Harry’s || Currently the hottest thing around. A definite grooming staple may I add. I joined the bandwagon when I spotted the Winston set at J.Crew two years ago. They’re super quirky and marketing is out of this world. Harry’s is the way to go if you’re looking for budget-friendly razors with top-notch quality. 

2. The Art of Shaving NYC || Expensive, but worth the splurge. I love the story behind the design, mimicking the silhouette of a vintage race car.  The sleek, green look is perfect for minimalists who like a little “edge” (see what I did there?). The blades are made by Gillette, a brand we all love and trust. I’d recommend this to all you retro-loving lads!

3. Baxter CA || Oh, Baxter. I’m obsessed with the overall West Coast macho lifestyle they bring to the plate. This is my go-to for those wet-shaving days (i’m fickle when it comes to shaving styles). The head-to-toe, chrome-plated look screams minimalistic and traditional. If you like old-fashion flare, give this Baxter razor a try. 

4. Malin + Goetz || I was shopping @ M+G for a new moisturizer when I accidentally clicked the apothecary page. The products made me swoon for a hot second (can we talk about gold-plated nail cutters?). Unlike other major brands, I love that their razors are made in England. Definitely a unique feature. From the handle’s curvaceous shape to the blades, the Malin + Goetz razor is as practical as it gets, seasoned with a bit of aesthetic appeal. Great for the everyday man. 

5. Muehle || Another traditional razor on the list. This product is evidently designed with love and care. Every detail is considered and the materials were definitely not fringed. Made of solid rods, you can expect this bad boy to last you a lifetime. Can we also talk about her light blue color? This shade is giving me happy vibes. For the man who feasts on craftsmanship and longevity. 

There you have it, a few of my all-time favorite razors. Give ’em a try and see which works. Happy shaving!



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